Disney's Limited Time Magic: Long Lost Disney Friends!

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Disney's Limited Time Magic: Long Lost Disney Friends!
Meet loved and lost Disney characters at Disney World this week...
From the 15th - 21st July Disney's Limited Time Magic welcomes loved and lost Disney friends, Robin Hood, Chicken Little, Brer Rabbit and many more, to Walt Disney World, offering park guests the chance to make cherished character meet and greets with these Disney friends rarely spotted at the parks!

If there's one thing in particular that makes a Walt Disney World experience a magical, it has to be meeting the characters we have known and fallen in love with on screen in the flesh. No matter how many times we may have met Mickey Mouse, no matter what setting we see the Disney Princesses in and no matter on which parade Tinker Bell sprinkles her pixie dust on, every encounter with a Disney character is magical. And because Disney knows just how cherished their characters are and how essential a Disney character meet and greet is to a Disney World experience, the park has dedicated an entire week to some long lost Disney friends.

Those of you that have been following Disney's Limited Time Magic 2013 will remember a previous Long Lost Friends Limited Time Magic experience that invited some old favourites, like the Three Little Pigs, Clarabelle Cow and Scrooge McDuck, to the park earlier on in the year. As part of this Limited Time Magic experience guests at Disney World will be able to make acquaintances with characters from Disney's Robin Hood (1973) - who were also present at the previous Long Lost DisneyFriends experience , Chicken Little (2005) and the Walt Disney Classic Song of the South (1946). The Disney friends will be hanging about Magic Kingdom's Town Square on Main Street USA till the 21st July, awaiting your arrival!

If you missed out on the previous Long Lost Disney Friends Limited Time Magic but happen to be in Orlando this week, how lucky you are to have yet another chance to make some rare Disney character meet and greets. 

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these guys:


Robin Hood


Robin Hood and Friar Tuck


Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John

Chicken Little and Abby Mallard


Brer Bear and Brer Rabbit


Brer Fox


Disney's Long Lost Friends will be hanging out at Magic Kingdom this week, from the 15th - 21st July.

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Disney World , Disney's Magic Kingdom , Character Meet and Greet , Disney's Limited Time Magic , Seasonal Events

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