Exciting New Details About Pandora – The World of Avatar Announced

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Exciting New Details About Pandora – The World of Avatar Announced
Find out the opening date of this brand new WDW land...
This weekend, the Disney creative team made a big announcement about the opening date of the brand new Pandora realm at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, as well as releasing lots of new pictures (which we have here!).

This week, the scaffolding covering the entry bridge into the new land next to Tiffins restaurant was officially uncovered and revealed to the public, while the magical floating mountains have also been completely uncovered and can be spotted from certain specific locations in the park.


Avatar Land Bridge


All this means that the opening of the new Pandora – The World of Avatar land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is looming, with a slated opening date of summer 2017. The new land will transport guests into the imagined world of Pandora, some time after the original film was set and with the land recovering from the effects of the war. Bio luminesce is a key theme of the new land, with pathways lighting up as guests walk along and plant life reacting to guests’ movements and touch by illuminating in beautiful technicolor.

There’ll be two brand new attractions to enjoy as well, with the family friendly Na’vi River Journey and the soon-to-be favourite for thrillseekers – Flight of Passage. The Na’vi River Journey will take guests on a boat ride down the sacred river and into the stunning bioluminescent forest, where you’ll come face to face with a Na’vi Shaman – a character from the film with a deep connection to the forest. Check out this short intro video for the Na’vi Shaman…



Avatar - Pandora World


On Flight of Passage, riders will be taken on a ‘jaw-dropping’ Banshee flight across the world of Pandora. If you aren’t familiar with the Banshee character, they’re dragon-like creatures which speed and swoop through the air and guarantee the rider an adrenaline-fuelled view of this brand new world. We’re so excited to try out this new ride, which could become one of the best thrill rides at the park.

If you’re travelling to Walt Disney World next summer, do not miss this brand new expansion at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – it’s set to be one of the most incredible and immersive lands in all of the parks! Book your 2017 tickets now to secure the best prices.

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