How to Plan Your Orlando Holiday on Pinterest

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How to Plan Your Orlando Holiday on Pinterest
We really believe in planning ahead, and Pinterest is a great tool to help!
We all know how easy it is to accidentally while away the hours on Pinterest looking at all the beautiful things we could buy for our new home/garden/wardrobe…but did you know it’s also an amazing tool for travel planning?

 If you’re thinking of a holiday to Orlando in the future, we can help to get the inspiration flowing and the finer details ironed out!

A great way to start researching is deciding which parks you would like to visit while you’re there. Are you a rollercoaster nut? A water park buff? Do you love films or do you love to see incredible animal shows? All important questions you need to ask yourself before you go. There is so much to do in Orlando (the Walt Disney resort alone is the size of San Francisco!) that it’s a good idea to get planning early and pinning lots of images of your favourite rides and attractions. Here are some of our favourite park pins to get you started (hover over the photo to find the "Pin In" button)!

Mickie and Minnie Romantic Manta

Once you’ve decided, you can pick the best combination tickets for your trip and make sure it comes within the all-important budget. Disney Orlando tickets are of course often the most popular, but you will probably also want to explore Universal Studios and SeaWorld tickets as well. If you need advice on how to get the most park for your buck, our team will be happy to give you advice or you could read our expert guide. Some combinations of tickets are only available in the UK, so make sure you pre-order and spread the cost before you go.

Theme Park Guide

Next, of course, you’ll be needing to book some flights. We’ve pinned a number of useful guides for finding cheap flights to Orlando to our Planning Your Orlando Holiday board. We’ve also included some tips on tackling long haul flights and travelling with young children, as these are often factors which hold young families back from booking. But they really needn’t be with these handy advice guides!


Pinterest Board


So now you have the tickets and the flights under control, we’re thinking you’ll probably want somewhere to sleep? If the budget can stretch to it, the Disney hotels can be a fabulous and convenient place to stay during your holiday. We found this great pinned guide on learning about the difference in the hotels and what you’re really getting for your money when you book as well, as a Disney hotels guide pin in one easy bookmark-able place:

Disney Guide


As we mentioned earlier, Orlando is a huge place where it can take half an hour just to drive between the different parks, so it’s good to be prepared and have your transport or car hire organised in advance.  We have pinned this handy guide from our Orlando experts about how and why you should get this organised in advance to save time and money when you arrive.

Orlando Car Hire

So this is how we would plan our Orlando theme park holiday, but how would you plan yours? Come follow us over on our Pinterest and get pinning! 


Walt Disney World Tickets , Universal Orlando Resort Tickets , SeaWorld® Orlando Tickets , Orlando , Inspiration