New Roller Coaster Coming to Epcot Park!

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New Roller Coaster Coming to Epcot Park!
Big news!
Things are changing over at Epcot...

Last week, it was the 35th anniversary of Epcot – the Walt Disney World park dedicated to all things science, technology and space travel. At the event, there was a lot of talk about the future of Epcot and plans to revitalise and reimagine the park for future guests, including lots of exciting news about brand new attractions coming to the park!

One of the key new ‘e-ticket’ attractions for Epcot’s development is a Guardians of the Galaxy ride. The new ride is set to replace the Universe of Energy attraction, one of the park’s oldest attractions, which closed on the 13th August this year. Very little information was released when the news was first announced – all we were told was that unlikely hero Peter Quill (Star Lord) had visited Epcot as a child and the ride would be reminiscent of his visit when he was younger. There would also be the opportunity to meet some of the film’s heroes, including Groot and Gamora, as per the artist's impression below.


New Guardians ride Epcot


So, as we said, not too much information to go on!

Luckily, it’s hard to keep a secret as big as this one under wraps, and at the 35th Anniversary celebrations it was finally confirmed that the new GOTG ride would be a roller coaster – the first in the park’s long history. Epcot is the only Disney park in the world without a roller coaster, so this is a big deal and shows the changes coming in the future for the park.

The new ride is set to be housed in the same 10-storey building that Universe of Energy was found in, making it an indoor coaster. This is all that has been officially confirmed by Disney, but patents for a swinging pendulum ride filed the same week have been rumoured to show how the new ride will look. Although it is difficult to see how the following design could be interpreted as a coaster, we’re interested to see how this ride will turn out, whatever it may end up being!


Disney ride patent


Will this design be for the new Guardians Ride? A New Spiderman ride (the swinging reminds us of the way Spiderman moves between buildings)? A Tarzan ride even? Watch this space!

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