New ‘Up’ Show coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

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New ‘Up’ Show coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom!
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Disney have just announced that an exciting new show inspired by the popular movie ‘Up’ will soon debut at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park…

If you’re a fan of the heart-warming movie ‘Up’ (who isn’t?!), you’ll be pleased to know that a brand new show, inspired by the movie, is coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Disney have just confirmed that the show will debut in Spring 2018, just in time for the park's 20th anniversary. So, there’s not too long to wait before you can see it for yourself.

Disney haven’t revealed too many details about what the new show will be like, but they have confirmed that it will feature Russell the Wilderness Explorer and the adorable Golden Retriever Dug. Guests will get the chance to see Russell and his furry friend discover beautiful species of birds from all over the world, in this fun-filled new adventure.

The new show will take place at the Caravan Theater in Anandapur Village, and will be replacing the park’s current Flights of Wonder show which will end on 31st December. Don’t worry though, you’ll still have the chance to get up close to some incredible winged creatures when the new show launches next year.

If you’re visiting before the Spring, or you just can’t wait that long, you might like to know that you can already meet Russell in Discovery Island. He’ll be making an appearance throughout the day, so make sure you pay him a visit and bring along your autograph book!


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