New Toy Story Restaurant Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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New Toy Story Restaurant Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Calling all Toy Story fans!
Get ready for a rodeo! A new, themed restaurant is opening at Toy Story Land…

If you’re a big fan of Toy Story, you’ll be pleased to hear that an incredible new restaurant is coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park. The new addition will offer a table-service dining experience and will be a ‘Roundup Rodeo BBQ Restaurant’.

If you’ve been to Toy Story Land already (if you haven’t you really should!), you’ll know that it’s designed to look just like Andy’s backyard. Everything around you is super-sized to make you feel shrunk down to the size of a toy! Playsets and toys are scattered all over the backyard and soon, you’ll notice that a new play area has been set up- a new rodeo restaurant.

This restaurant is another one of Andy’s creations. He’s made a new rodeo arena by taping together three cardboard boxes and using some of his favourite toys, games and play sets. While some pieces are definitely western-themed, the great thing about this rodeo is that it features such a wide collection of toys, making a “fun, colourful mashup-atmosphere that only a child could create”.

Once you step inside, you’ll see all of the rodeo festivities in action. Look out for the western town and train play sets as well as some very familiar Disney•Pixar character toys scattered throughout the restaurant. You’ll spot cowgirl Jessie and Bo Peep and her flock of sheep, who are all appearing in the rodeo together.

This fun restaurant will be fully immersive, offering families a totally unique dining experience that you could only find in Toy Story Land! Disney haven’t revealed what’s on the menu just yet, but we’re hoping for some mouth-watering, themed meals.

Woody's Lunch Box at Toy Story Land

The Roundup Rodeo BBQ Restaurant will join the Woody’s Lunch Box quick-service outlet that is already open at Toy Story Land. This is a great place to go for breakfast and lunch. You’ll find traditional soda floats, breakfast bowls, smoked turkey sandwiches, soup, salad and BBQ brisket melts.


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