Orlando Awards: Best Theme Park Soaking

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Orlando Awards: Best Theme Park Soaking
Check out the nominees here!
Today we have the low down on the BEST SOAKING in Orlando...

The 2015 Orlando Awards are now open and votes have been flooding in. We've already looked at the candidates for Best Theme Park and the Best New Attraction but today it's the turn of the BEST SOAKING nominees. So which attractions are vying for your vote? 

1. Journey to Atlantis, SeaWorld Orlando

Based on the mythical underwater city of Atlantis, Journey to Atlantis is an Orlando institution in the splash stakes. If a soaking at the Shamu show isn’t enough for you, take a ride on Journey to Atlantis to combine roller coaster thrills with a massive 60ft splash down as you escape the wailing siren who terrorizes the city of Atlantis. If it’s your favourite way to cool off, make sure you give it your vote.

2. Kali River Rapids, Disney's Animal Kingdom

River rapids are the family friendly way to get a good soaking whilst at the parks, and the Kali River Rapids are always a huge hit with visitors! Riders crash along the river rapids on white tipped water as they attempt to escape the illegal logging activity and burning fires which threaten to engulf the raft as you plummet down a 30 foot slide. Finally, arriving in a cave, prepare to be soaked by spraying water guns and dripping water over head…not to mention a herd of mischievous elephants!

3. Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges, Universal's Islands of Adventure

Prepare for you and everyone around you to get totally soaked on this hilarious Popeye-themed ride at Universal’s Islands of Adventure! Its 7 minutes of fun and soaking opportunities as guests pummel down the river rapid ride at high velocity! There’s further soaking opportunities from visitors to the Me, Ship, the Olive attractions – so watch out! If it’s your favourite Orlando soaking, don’t forget to give it your vote.

4. Dudley Do-Right’s Rip Saw Falls, Universal's Islands of Adventure

Log flumes are always a popular choice when it comes to a real thorough soaking, but will Dudley’s Do Right Rip Saw Falls get your vote in the awards? It certainly deserves recognition, with 7 minutes of thrilling ride time culminating in a steep final drop into crashing river rapids! And if that’s not enough for you, spectators can line up to squirt you from the side-lines with water guns and you plummet past innocently thinking the worst is over! Pack a poncho for this one.

5. Jurassic Park River Adventure, Universal's Islands of Adventure

Featuring the highest drop of all – at a staggering 84 looooong feet – Jurassic Park River Adventure is definitely not one for the faint hearted. The lack of splash factor in the deceptively chilled out beginning of the ride is certainly compensated for by the HUGE splash down landing as you escape the jaws of the looming T-Rex as your ride car goes off course and into the restricted area. 

6. Congo River Rapids, Busch Gardens

Fans of Busch Gardens will love firm favourite the Congo River Rapids. Guests get a complete soaking as water sloshes over the side as they plunge rapidly down a re-creation of the Congo River, colliding off the river banks and spinning uncontrollably! An ominous cave and impending waterfall add to the tension of this thrill packed ride. If you think Congo River Rapids is the best soaking in Orlando, make sure it gets your vote! 

Don't forget to cast your vote in the Orlando Awards for a chance to win a £5,000 Florida holiday! Good luck and get voting!

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