The Tastes of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

The Tastes of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge
By ATD’s Florida Experts, Susan and Simon Veness
For a small settlement on the edge of the galaxy, Black Spire Outpost certainly has a variety of choices when it comes to dining. From blue milk to roasted ronto; from smoked kaadu ribs to Ithorian garden loaf, whatever planet you’re from, you’ll find a tasty favourite on the planet Batuu.

In our last blog we took you on a journey around Black Spire Outpost, taking in all the incredible sites you’ll see as a traveller to this remote settlement. Today, let’s explore the tastes of Batuu at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.



Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

Chef Strono “Cookie” Tuggs knows his customers, and there’s nothing like a taste of home when you’re on a planet far, far away. Chef Tuggs’ menu reflects that, with ingredients from across the galaxy that ensure weary travellers will find the comfort foods they desire while visiting Batuu.

Here’s a guide to Chef Tuggs’ offerings. Take note, each description includes the dish’s origin within the story, and, in brackets, the actual ingredients.


Smoked Kaadu Ribs: these hearty ribs with a little kick of spice are made from the lumbering beast ridden by the Gungans (smoked pork ribs, blueberry corn muffin and cabbage slaw).

Yobshrimp Noodle Salad: the creatures in the Naboo Abyss feast on these shrimp, and now, you can too (spicy shrimp, tangy marinated noodles and vegetables).

Braised Shaak Roast (only at dinner): the fattened cattle of Naboo, and a major food source (a very mild beef pot roast, cavatelli pasta, kale and mushrooms).


Fried Endorian Tip-yip: The tip-yip chicken is a favorite on Endor and is now served on Batuu in compact, rectangular shapes! (lightly fried chicken, vegetable potato mash and herb gravy.)

Roasted Endorian Tip-yip Salad: fewer calories but all the enjoyment (marinated chicken, mixed greens, roasted vegetables, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, and green curry ranch).


Felucian Garden Spread (only at lunch): the humid jungles of Felucia were the site of many battles, but also nutritious vegetation (outstanding plant-based kefta, garlicky herbed hummus, tomato-cucumber relish, and pita bread; a real winner!)


Ithorian Garden Loaf (only at dinner):  this vegetarian comfort food is a favorite of the local antiquities dealer, Dok-Ondar. (Plant-based ‘meatloaf’, vegetable potato mash, vegetables and mushroom sauce. Again, a big hit for us.)


Oi-Oi Puff: Need something sweet to finish off your fine galactic meal? This large, fruity cream puff will do the trick (cream puff filled with smooth raspberry mousse and topped with tart passion fruit mousse).


Batuu-bon: A Batuuan favorite, this chocolate treat will delight your senses (dense chocolate cake topped with a white chocolate mousse dome and filled with coffee custard. Total yum!)

Whereas Oga’s Cantina is the place where brave rebels go to find liquid courage or a little something to help them forget the stress of galactic battle, Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is the place for Moof Juice (fruit punch and orange juice), Phattro (black tea and American-style lemonade) and Batuubucha (pineapple and passionfruit kombucha).



Oga’s Cantina

No self-respecting remote outpost on the edge of the galaxy would call itself a smuggler's planet without a cantina, and Black Spire Outpost is no exception. Whether you’re a Resistance fighter trying to fly under the radar or a member of the First Order, a visit to the place where deals are negotiated in dark corners is practically compulsory.

Oga’s Cantina offers numerous far-out and fascinating alcoholic libations and concoctions for thirsty patrons of all ages. With so many offerings, we’ll just cover four here, each with a seriously creative twist.

Bloody Rancor: Remember that angry rancor that Luke Skywalker had to fend off by shoving a bone in its mouth? You’ve got the results of that encounter right here, in a glass! On Earth we’d call it a Bloody Mary, but the meringue ‘bone’ on top, with its surprise spicy snap, are a reminder you’re far from home.

Oga’s Obsession (non-alcoholic): Move over, mixologists; it’s time for a science experiment to take over! This wobbly concoction of jelly-like ‘bubbles’ is served in a petri dish and garnished with pop rocks. With so much going on, you won’t miss the alcohol. It’s the tasty treat you eat with a spoon, and each bite is just a bit different.

Dagobah Slug Slinger: Citrusy, gingery, and scented with rosemary, this is the go-to for scoundrels who don’t like their drinks on the sweet side.

Yub Nub: What’s not to love about spiced rum, pineapple rum, passionfruit and citrus juice? Serve it in a souvenir glass depicting the Battle of Endor and you’ve got something a bit special (do note the price point before you place your order).

Additionally, Oga’s serves the T-16 Skyhopper, Rodian Ration, Outer Rim, Fuzzy Tauntaun, Jet Juice, Jedi Mind Trick, and Bespin Fizz, plus beer (Gold Squadron Lager, White Wampa Ale, Gamorrean Ale, Bad Motivator IPA, Black Spire Brew, Rancor Tooth Beer Flight), wine (Toniray white, Imperial Guard red), and Spice Runner Hard Cider.

If you had a rough time of it the night before, or you’re the designated Bantha driver today, try the non-alcoholic versions of Oga’s Obsession, Hyperdrive (Punch It!), Jabba Juice, Blurrgfire, Blue Bantha, Carbon Freeze and the Cliff Dweller (which is served in the most adorable Porg mug in the universe!).

Food here includes crunchy nibbles, Batuu Bits, all day, and the Mustafarian Lava Roll (like a cinnamon bun with chocolate biscuit crumbles) and Rising Moons Overnight Oats (oatmeal parfait with fresh fruit) at breakfast. Not ready to face a cantina first thing in the morning? You’ll also find these two early-riser offerings at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo.



Ronto Roasters

There are two food offerings here, both of them quick-serve, which is ideal when you’re trying to avoid being spotted by Stormtroopers but still need a bite to eat.

Ronto Wrap: The signature item, compliments of the humble Ronto, pack animal for the Jawas (roasted pork and grilled sausage with peppercorn sauce and tangy slaw in a pita wrap). We would go back just to have this for lunch again.

Nuna Turkey Jerky: Even Naboo has poultry, and this delicious bird is it! (choose from sweet Teriyaki jerky or spicy herb jerky).

You’ll also find a Ronto Morning Wrap here (scrambled eggs, pork sausage and cheese in a pita wrap) and a lovely Rising Moons Overnight Oats with fruit at breakfast.



Milk Stand

It’s easy to believe Blue Milk is a standard throughout the universe, with Green Milk not far behind. In an interview with Brian Piasecki, Culinary Director for New Concepts, he told us the process for creating Blue Milk involved thinking about what flavour and texture it should be, and they thought about the Bantha itself and wondered if its milk would be thick or thin, sweet, or with, say, melon flavours. What did it eat and where did it come from?

The end result is a non-dairy product that has citrus-melon overtones in the Green Milk, and a delicate, almost perfume-y flavour in the Green Milk.

Kat Saka’s Kettle

It’s popcorn—with a difference! You’ve seen coloured popcorn before, but Kat Saka’s Outpost Mix features flavours you don’t usually associate with the popular treat. The signage calls it ‘A colourful blend of sweet and spicy’ but don’t worry; we’re not talking spicy-spicy here, so even cautious rogues need not abstain.

We identified mild cinnamon, and maybe lime, but we’re not sure, it might have been grape. And that’s half the fun. With nothing to tell your brain what it’s tasting, it’s a guessing game with each bite. Watching your heart-healthy ingredients? Kat Saka uses coconut oil.

Whether you’re munching your way around Black Spire Outpost, relaxing with a meal after your trip through hyperspace or huddling in a smugglers’ group at Oga’s Cantina, be sure to engage the locals in conversation. You never know what useful information you might uncover!

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