Walt Disney World Bans Selfie Sticks

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Walt Disney World Bans Selfie Sticks
Appreciate the exhilarating rides without the selfie!
Do you prefer to see your favourite rides and characters in the flesh or through the eye of a camera lens?

Walt Disney World announced on Friday that it would be banning selfie sticks from all its theme parks, admid health and safety concerns for ride passengers and those around them. The ban comes in to force tomorrow (30th June) in the US and on Wednesday for the Paris and Hong Kong parks. 

The sticks have been banned on the rides for quite some time, with fears that guests on the rides taking photos could extend the stick and interfere with the rides' mechanisms or even strike another guest! The reason behind the full ban is that park officials worry that the extendable sticks could injure passers by even during stationary photo opportunities. 

Rollercoaster Selfie

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Although we love a selfie, we also love exploring the parks unencumbered by cameras and selfie sticks - sometimes it's more important to enjoy the moment than to photograph it! We also love the element of surprise that riding a new ride brings; selfie sticks can spoil the ride experience for guests and divulge all the rides twists and turns before you even arrive at the parks - that's no fun!

If you love to have photos to keep as a fond memories, however, then don't fret as Disney are including their My Memory Maker package completely free with all qualifying adult 2016 Disney bookings. That means excellent, professional photos delivered straight to your inbox absolutely FREE. You can find out more about what this amazing offer includes by clicking here

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