Which Side of the Force Are You?

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Which Side of the Force Are You?
It's December, which means Star Wars: The Force Awakens is almost here!
We’ve created a quiz to help you figure out which side of the force you’re on, asked some super fans whether they would rather be a Jedi Knight or a Sith Lord, and scoured the internet to find the coolest Star Wars stuff that will awaken the Force in you.

It’s December, which means two things. One, that Star Wars: the Force Awakens is about to hit our cinema screens, and two, that new Star Wars experiences will be opening ready for those who have got tickets to Disney World.

We’re really excited about both of these facts, so we thought we would celebrate! We’ve created a quiz to help you figure out which side of the force you’re on, asked some super fans whether they would rather be a Jedi Knight or a Sith Lord, and scoured the internet to find the coolest Star Wars stuff that will awaken the Force in you.

Quiz: which side of the force are you?




Super fan verdict

How are you feeling about your result? Whether you’re happy or not, we asked a couple of Star Wars mega fans which side of the Force they would rather be on. Maybe you can sympathise with their ideas, or find a persuasive voice in their reasoning.

Jay Bartlett, lifelong Star Wars fan and administrator to A Galaxy Far, Far Away, a Star Wars community that celebrates the entire Star Wars saga, chose the Jedi after a bit of deliberation:

“That's tough. Really tough. My whole life I've had a personal connection to Luke Skywalker as his journey is very reflective of my life. He was meant for more, destined for more, but stuck somewhere he didn't want to be. His conflict with his father and journey to turn Vader back to Anakin and the light.

“However, recently I've been very drawn to the character Kylo Ren, who at this time still is a very big mystery. He seems pure evil, obsessed with Darth Vader and the complete extension of the Last of the Jedi. I like his character so much I recently had a friend of mine who is a professional costume maker create his costume for me for the Force Awakens premiere.

“I can relate to both the light and the dark side of the force. Good and evil I believe are all a point of view. In the end I would be part of the light, the hero, the Jedi Knight.”

Jay Bartlett as Kylo Ren

Chris Malico, from Star Wars Celebration, chose all out Jedi:

“I would 100% be a Jedi. I am way too nice to go to the Dark Side. I always put the interest of others before my own which is very much a part of the Jedi way. Plus I want a green lightsaber.”

Chris Malico with Yoda

Cool stuff to awaken your inner Jedi Knight/Sith Lord

Okay, so now you probably know where your allegiance lies. If you truly want to awaken your inner Jedi Knight or Sith Lord, find a place for one of these cool items in your life. It won’t be difficult.

Jedi kit

A faithful companion – BB-8 droid

We’ve already decided that BB-8 is the droid for us after seeing him whizz around in the trailers, and we’re sure we’ll love him even more after watching the movie. You can have your very own version at home, and you can control this little rolling ball of joy from your smartphone or tablet, or…voice command! With the app you can also view holographic recordings a la Princess Leia.

This cool gadget is £129.95 from Red5.

bb8 Droid

A kitchen tool worthy of a Jedi – X-Wing knife block

If you want to be master of the kitchen, this knife block could help get you there. The knife block has a chrome effect and the knives are all stainless steel, so it will look great in any kitchen. As practical as it is awesome, it comes with a cook’s knife, bread knife, carving knife, utility knife and paring knife.

This is available at £79.95 from Red5.

X-wing knife block

A mini lightsaber for mini battles – Light-Up Chop Sabers

Lightsaber chopsticks are cool. Now these light up, so there are just no words to describe how cool these are. Available in three styles (Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and Darth Vadar if you have a sudden change of heart), you can show your dinner who is master.

Available for £15.99 each from Firebox.

Lightsaber chopsticks

Fly solo and get stuff done – Millennium Falcon Multi Tool

This is absolutely not a piece of junk and is actually a very useful piece of kit – you can handle (almost) anything with this multi tool! It has 11 tool functions: a screwdriver, earphone tidy, bottle opener, wire stripper, 5 box-end wrenches/ring spanners, ruler and parcel opener. One to pack in your luggage before a trip abroad to New York.

Get it for £9.99 from Firebox.

Millenium Falcon tool

Sith stuff

A mug to help you plot your next move – 3D Darth Vadar Mug

Why drink out of any old mug when you can have a mug that’s the shape of Darth Vadar’s helmeted head? I don’t think we need to say much more, except that it comes with a lid to keep your beverage warm. Because even Sith Lords like to be practical.

Available for £18.95 from Red5.

3D Darth Vadar mug

It’s not a trap. It’s a light – 3D Death Star Light

This light is 3D and comes with a cracked-effect decal that makes it look like it has crashed straight into your wall. And when it’s turned on, the white and green LEDs look super cool. Because they’re LEDs they have a lifespan of 5.7 years and are cool to the touch, which makes it ideal for any age, and any safety-conscious parent.

Available from Red5 for £39.95.

3D Death Star Light

Blast out tunes – Stormtrooper Bluetooth Speaker

We think Stormtroopers would be perfectly happy putting down their blaster rifles and marching to some tunes instead. With this speaker you can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or wired via a USB cable, and it comes with a rechargeable 440mAh lithium battery and 5W speaker.

You can get it from Firebox for £39.99

Stormtrooper bluetooth speaker

Keep your cookie-based core at the right temperature – Death Star Cookie Jar

You won’t want to let this beauty blow up. The Death Star Cookie Jar is the perfect glazed ceramic receptacle to store all your beloved biscuits, whether they’re smothered in dark chocolate or not. Also it has a flat base in case you were worried about it rolling to its doom.

Available for £39.99 from Firebox.

Death Star Cookie Jar

Image credits: Kevin Galens (flickr.com), Jay Bartlett, Chris Malico, Red5 , Firebox

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