Will I be Affected by the New Disney Ticket Pricing?

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Will I be Affected by the New Disney Ticket Pricing?
Thinking of buying in the US?
Disney have announced a new seasonal pricing structure for their tickets in the US…

From October 16, 2018, Walt Disney World are introducing a new pricing structure in the US which reflects seasonal peaks and lows in their calendar, effectively making it cheaper or more expensive to travel on some dates in a month compared to others.  Disney say the aim of this new pricing structure is to distribute guests more evenly throughout the year, which makes a lot of sense to us!

So, will this affect you?

The short answer is no, if you are buying your tickets in the UK before you travel. And yes, if you were planning to buy your tickets at the gate and haven't done so yet.

Currently, the Disney Ultimate tickets, which you buy beforehand in the UK and are valid for 7, 14 or 21 days depending on your selection are not affected by this price change. This includes all tickets going forward, as well as those that have already been purchased – so no need to worry there! By buying in advance, you avoid having to pay more to travel on the dates you want to visit. Whether you want to visit on the 1st of February or the 18th August, you will pay the same price - as little as £22pp per day (based on a 21-day Disney Ultimate ticket in 2019) - and won’t have to worry about whether you are paying peak pricing or navigating the new, complicated timetable. There is up to a $10pp difference depending on what day you choose which for a large family can quickly add up.

If you were planning to buy your tickets at the gate, you may from the 16th October see the amount you expected to pay rise. Dates on which you’ll be expected to pay more are likely to include school holidays in the UK and US. Make sure to check ahead and, if you’re unsure, book an Ultimate Ticket in advance in the UK to secure a price you’re happy to pay on the dates you want to use it.

Does this affect customers who have already purchased tickets?

No, all tickets purchased in the UK will still be valid and not subject to any price increases – yay!

What are the other advantages of buying in advance?

As well as being sure that your ticket price won’t change before you travel, there are other advantages to booking in advance. These include:

  • Having the flexibility to park hop and visit the different theme parks over a longer duration without having to specify which dates and parks.
  • No queuing at the ticket purchase gates when you arrive.
  • Early access to Disney’s Fastpass+ planning service to book skip the line ride reservations.
  • Added extras such as Disney’s FREE Memory Maker professional digital photo package and our monthly added value offers.

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