What’s New at the Theme Parks for 2013!

Orlando Theme parks
What’s New at the Theme Parks for 2013!
New attractions coming to Orlando for 2013!
There’s a whole host of new experiences and attractions coming to Disney World, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld for the New Year! See what’s in store at Orlando’s greatest parks for 2013!

It’s been a while since Attraction Tickets Direct’s Latest News Post, so firstly we’d like to start by saying Happy New Year to you all. We hope your 2013 has been enjoyable thus far and if you’re Orlando bound this year, your 2013 is about to get better – much better!

Orlando Attractions

There’s a whole load of fun to be had with new experiences, new attractions, new characters, animal encounters, newly themed areas and expansions popping up all over the theme park capital of the world and just as many reasons why tickets to experience the new 2013 attractions are absolutely imperative for your Orlando visit this year!
New Orlando Theme Park Experiences Arriving in 2013:
This new attraction needs very little introduction! Transformers the Ride 3D came to Universal Studios Hollywood in May 2011 and took the world by storm with its groundbreaking technology, seamless visuals and uncanningly lifelike simulation. In 2013 you’ll be able to make a breathtaking acquaintance with the likes of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee at Universal Studios Orlando.
Of course the New Fantasyland, which practically dominated our Latest News page the entire 2012, wouldn’t be half as fantastical without the graceful presence of the much-loved Disney Princesses on site. 2013 welcomes the Disney Royalty, Princesses Aurora, Cinderella and many more to their new residency at the Princess Fairytale Hall.
SeaWorld never fails to outdo itself with its innovative and impressive ways to make animal encounters and Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin is yet another example of the marine park’s brilliance. On this new attraction not only will you make the acquaintance of penguins, but you’ll experience the cold and arctic weather conditions of the Penguin’s habitat. Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin will be the coldest attraction in the world!
For the ultimate bowling experience you’ll need to head to Downtown Disney’s super bowling alley Splitsville Luxury Lanes! This is a bowling experience and a half, complete with live entertainment, billiard tables, 30 bowling lanes and immense dining options including two sushi bars, an outdoor dining area, a menu boasting BBQ chicken, cheeseburgers and hand-tossed pizzas.  
Whether you’re a Transformers fan, an admirer of Disney Royalty, an animal lover or a pro bowler with a hearty appetite, there’s tons of fun, old and new, for you all to experience at the wonderful theme park capital of the world! 
Keep checking back at ATD’s Latest News to stay up to date and fully informed on all things Orlando!
Orlando Theme parks

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