10 Animals You Can See at Wild Florida

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You’re in for a wild time!
From native Floridian animals rescued from the local area to exotic birds and reptiles, there are more than 200 animals for you to discover at Wild Florida.

As Orlando’s only airboat, gator and safari park, Wild Florida is full of exciting wildlife, including some species that you may have never seen before in person. While you never know what you might see during one of their airboat tours of the Florida Everglades, the Gator Park and drive-thru safari are home to hundreds of animals that are happy to greet their guests… most of the time anyway! 

If you’re visiting Wild Florida on your next trip to Orlando, here are just 10 of the animals that you’ll want to be looking out for! 


1. Albino Alligators 

Albino alligators are extremely rare - there are currently only 12 recorded as living in human care, although it isn’t known how many there may be in the wild. At Wild Florida, they live in a specially created, climate-controlled enclosure that helps to protect them from the Florida sun, as the lack of melanin in their skin makes them particularly sensitive. 

Wild Florida is currently the only park in the world to successfully breed albino alligators, with their two adult gators Blizzard and Snowflake now being parents to four babies. One was only recently hatched and you can see the moment it happened below! 



2. Sloths

Usually found having a nap in their enclosure, the park’s two-toed sloths are a firm favourite. Keep a look out for Guy - he was the park’s very first sloth and has much darker fur than the rest of his family. For a more exclusive experience, Sloth Encounters are available for an additional cost where you can feed and even hold them!


3. Giraffes

Wild Florida’s giraffes can be found at the end of the drive-thru safari, but you won’t just drive past these gentle giants - you’ll have the opportunity to feed them too! Standing on an elevated platform, the giraffes will come right up to you and use their long black tongues to take romaine lettuce directly from your hands. 

This experience usually costs guests an additional $5 per person, but the giraffe feed is currently included in the cost of our Drive-Thru Safari Tickets


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4. Panther

Nala is the park’s Florida Panther, a critically endangered species. Her mother unfortunately couldn’t look after her so she moved to Wild Florida when she was just four months old and was raised by hand by the team. Wild Florida partners with the Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge (FFPR) to help with the conservation of animals like Nala and you can contribute to their fund while you’re at the park. 


5. Ring-Tailed Lemurs 

There is a whole family of ring-tailed lemurs living at Wild Florida and one you should particularly look out for is Luke. Not only is he arguably the park’s most well-behaved lemur, but he’s also a pretty impressive painter. That’s right, you can actually buy some of his paintings at the gift shop! 


6. American Alligators 

We couldn’t not include one of the most famous residents of Wild Florida in this list! One of the highlights of a visit to the Gator Park is the Crusher Show, where you can see 13-foot-long Crusher up close and personal with his keepers. He’s not only the biggest alligator in Wild Florida but in the whole of Osceola County! 

At 65 years old, Crusher is quite an old alligator and sometimes he just doesn’t want to take part in his show. While a lot of the animals at Wild Florida are trained to show off how intelligent they are, they are never forced to do anything they don’t want to do just for guest entertainment - it’s their home after all and they need to be happy! 


Alligator show at Wild Florida Gator Park


7. Macaws

There are plenty of feathered friends at Wild Florida too! The Macaw Aviary is home to a whole host of colourful birds and they shouldn’t be overshadowed by their larger and more ferocious neighbours! 


8. Brahman Cattle

These aren’t like the cattle you’ll see in the fields at home! Looking like a cross between a cow and a camel, these animals are a must-see on the drive-thru safari! They have particularly good resistance to heat, sunlight and humidity, making Florida the perfect home for them. 


Wild Florida Drive Thru Safari


9. Goats 

Not all of the animals at Wild Florida are quite so exotic! At the Gator Park’s petting zoo you can get up close to goats as well as pigs, donkeys and chickens. This is a great area of the park to visit if you have young children, although guests of any age are sure to love feeding these baby animals. 


10. Tamandua

We bet this is an animal you’ve never heard of before, but you’ll probably recognise them when you see them. Cousins to the anteater, tamanduas have similar long snouts and tongues and are just as cute! 


There is so much to explore at Wild Florida! Whether you’re booking an airboat tour, drive-thru safari ticket or both, you’ll get free entry to the gator park with every ticket for a whole day full of wild fun. Plus, with our open-dated tickets, it’s easy to plan around the rest of your holiday. Browse our Wild Florida Tickets below to find the right one for you.

Wild Florida Airboat Rides & Gator Park , Orlando , Shortlists