Our Favourite Attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood...

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Our Favourite Attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood...
...Inspired by Big Blockbuster Movies!
It's the lead up to the Oscars and we're getting a little movie fever! So, we thought we'd share with you our favourite Universal Studios Hollywood theme park rides and attractions that have been inspired by award winning and box office smashing films!

It's that time of year again when Hollywood gliteratti get out their most glamorous of glad rags to walk the red carpets of many award shows, with the hope of being recognised for their performance on the big screen. This weekend, Sunday 2nd March, talk show host Ellen Degeneres will present the 86th Accademy Awards, better known as the Oscars, to celebrate the amazing films that have entertained us throughout yesteryear.

Of course, it's the films that the world has universally found entertaining, like Despicable Me or Harry Potter, that make it into the theme parks. The films that have managed to smash box offices across the globe and have caused so much excitement that we can't help but to start anticipating a theme park experience inspired by said film. These are the films that really gets theme park fans, like ourselves, excited! 

And there's no theme park on the planet that brings to life a movie quite like Universal Studios Hollywood, the movie studio come theme park located in sunny California. In fact, Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the oldest and most famous movie studios still in operation in Hollywood- and as you would imagine, has the greatest tools to bring to life the greatest movies in thrilling theme park form.

Here's our personal favourite attractions inspired by the movies at Universal Studios Hollywood...

The Rides


Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem - this is set to arrive at the Hollywood park in Spring, but has become a favourite at Universal Studios Florida. In this ride you'll become better aquainted with Gru and his manic Minions.


Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem

Transformers the Ride 3D based on the Transformers film franchise


Shrek 4D - An original Shrek narrative, complete with multi-sensory affects

Shrek 4D Universal Studios Hollywood


Jurassic Park The Ride - A Steven Spielberg masterpiece comes to life in this prehistoric ride


The Film Sets

Go behind the scenes and insert yourself into a number of film sets and movie scenes at Universal Studios Hollywood's Backlot Tour, including;

King Kong 360 -3D - Take a trip to Skull Island and immerse yourself in a jungle full of predators


Jaws the Ride - Another Steven Spielberg classic, alive and still lingering in the waters at Universal Studios Hollywood's Backlot Tour.

Jaws - Universal Studios Hollywood

Jaws the Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood

Back to the Future - Visit Courthouse Square, from this classic sci - fi comedy (which has now been adapted for the set of the Ghost Whisperer) in the Studio Backlot Tour.

Court House Square - Universal Studios Hollywood

Back to the Future

That's not all for Back to the Future fans, as Universal Studios Hollywood has also given the original BTTF DeLorean a home for fans to witness.

BTTF Delorean and Train Universal Studios Hollywood

Psycho's Bates Motel - The eerie, yet iconic Bate's Motel from the horrifying Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho

Bate's Motel from Psycho

Psycho House

Psycho Movie

War of the Worlds - The famous plane crash scene from yet another Steven Spielberg movie, War of the Worlds, makes it onto Universal Studios Hollywood's Backlot Tour.

War of the World's Universal Studios Hollywood

War of the Worlds

So which new box office hit do you think might be next on Universal Studios Hollywood's theme park radar?

See these blockbuster movies come to life with Attraction Tickets Direct's range of Universal Studios tickets and make a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood!

Films , Universal Films , Transformers , Universal Studios Hollywood