ParaNorman Character Meet and Greet at Universal!

ParaNorman Character Meet and Greet at Universal!
Hang out with ParaNorman characters at Universal parks!
Characters from the soon to be released Laika Universal Pictures film ParaNorman hang out at Universal Studios Orlando!

We thought we should give those of you with Universal tickets planning to visit Universal Studios over the coming weeks a heads up about the zombies you might happen to bump into during your visit. You might be inclined to think that Halloween Horror Nights has come early, but you’d be wrong. These ghastly ghouls are friends of Norman Babcock, characters from the soon to be released film ParaNorman.

Like the Tim Burton and Walt Disney Pictures collaboration Frankenweenie, Laika and Universal Pictures’ ParaNorman is a stop motion animated picture with ghoulish themes. Misunderstood lead character Norman Babcock, who has the power to communicate with the undead, must save his hometown Blithe Hollow from being destroyed by witches, zombies and all kinds of ghastly ghouls. Produced by Laika, the same creators of the 2009 film Coraline, ParaNorman will be released in cinemas on the 17th August.
Those of you with Universal tickets will be able to meet Norman and the ghouls at Universal Studios Orlando and Hollywood.
Check out the trailer below!

ParaNorman Trailer 2012


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