The Best of Paris’ Alternative Tours

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The Best of Paris’ Alternative Tours
Sightseeing in a whole different light!
Fed up of dull, unimaginative tours and want to try something different on your next trip to Paris? Why not take one of these alternative sightseeing tours and see the city in a whole different light…

1) Paris by Segway Tour


Paris Segway Tour


Speed around the city on your own Segway when you join the Paris Segway Tour which kicks off just five minutes from the Eiffel Tower. Each tour has a very personal and private feel to it as only 8 people are on the tour at any one time, meaning you won’t struggle to hear your guide as they lead you around 10 of the most iconic attractions in the capital. Sights include The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, The Arc de Triomphe and many many more on this 2 or 3-hour sightseeing tour. To book tickets, click here.


2) Monet’s Garden Bike Tour


Monet Bike Tour Paris


Fancy getting out of the city and visiting Monet’s famous cottage? If you’re visiting during the summer, there’s no better way to take in the stunning French countryside than on this 3-mile bike tour from Vernon to Giverny. The tour includes your train journey from Paris to Vernon, where you’ll leave the train in the midst of beautiful Normandy to hop on your bike and pay a visit to a local farmers market to pick up some lunch. After lunch, a 3-mile gentle bike ride leads you right to Monet’s door, where you can spend the afternoon exploring his former home and gardens. You can even take in the view of the beautiful Japanese Bridge and lily pond which inspired one of his most famous paintings. To book tickets, click here.


3) Paris at Night by 2CV



Paris at Night 2CV


What better way to explore Paris than in an iconic 2CV by day or, for an extra spot of magic, by night? The 2CV is an iconic part of French motoring history, so you’ll really feel like you’re delving into the French fabric of life as you whizz around Paris to take in the illuminated world-famous sights. Top spots on the tour include The Eiffel Tower, Avenue des Champs Elysées. Notre Dame and Invalides. Enjoy an amazing view from the open-roof top of the 2CV for your 60-minute tour before being dropped back at your hotel or accommodation afterwards. To book tickets for this magical tour, click here.  


4) Paris Bike Tour



Paris Bike Tour


If you’d like to cycle around Paris but are nervous about the traffic, the Paris Bike Tour could be perfect for you. Only 5% of the tour takes place on the roads, with the remaining 95% of the tour taking you through parks, bike lanes and large pavements as you take in the iconic Parisian sights. The tour takes around 3.5 hours and includes the bike rental and all the equipment you’ll need, including wet-weather gear if it starts to rain! To book tickets, click here.


5) Wine Tasting in Paris


Paris Wine tasting


OK, we slipped this one in here as a wildcard, because although it’s not really a physical tour it is a great way to ‘explore’ France through its abundant wine selection! Taste a variety of French wines from the Champagne region to Bordeaux as you take a liquid tour of the different vineyards of France from the comfort of Les Caves du Paradis in central Paris. Depending on which wine tasting session you choose, you can also pair your wine with traditional French foods to get a real feel for French culinary culture. To book tickets, click here


For more information about the full range of Paris tours we sell, click here to go through to our Paris sightseeing ticket pages.

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