Popular Disney Attraction Heads to Tokyo

Popular Disney Attraction Heads to Tokyo
The popular Disneyland and Walt Disney World attraction ‘Toy Story Mania’ is said to be heading across the globe to the Tokyo DisneySea Resort.

This much loved 4D interactive attraction is based on the Disney/Pixar franchise and sees you enter the world of Toy Story, put on 3D glasses and take seat in a spinning vehicle. From here you take part in a number of arcade style mini games as they interact with the Toy Story characters and try to rack up the points. The ride will make up part of Toyville Trolley Park at the Japanese Disney park and is said to cost around $150 million to build and will open on July 9th 2012. 

If you would like to see the original incarnations of the ride you can book Disney tickets and head to either Orlando or California and enjoy this fantastic ride right now. 

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