Port Aventura - New Ride for Spring 2012

Port Aventura , New Rides , Roller coaster updates , New Attractions
Port Aventura - New Ride for Spring 2012
Port Aventura invests 25 million euros to construct a new record breaking 'hypercoaster'.
Port Aventura, the much loved Spanish theme park, has invested a whopping 25 million Euros to create a new colossal coaster, set to smash many of the continent's coaster records.

On the 21st October Port Aventura began the construction of a new roller coaster ride, due to be launched to the public in spring 2012. The park joined forces, once again, with Bollinger and Mabillard, the firm who created the theme park's signature ride Dragon Kahn in 1995, to create yet another big banger. The new coaster is set to surpass Dragon Kahn, literally blowing your mind as well as blowing you out of your roller coaster seats!

Although the coaster's name is yet to be unveiled, a number of facts have been revealed to whet the appetites of European holidaymakers and coaster junkies. The coaster has been categorised as a hypercoaster due to its immense size and the shocking speeds, and will be Europe's largest coaster to date. The ride reaches a giant 76 metres in height at its highest point, hits a breathtaking speed of 134km per hour on its fastest descent and features an extreme 78 metre long drop.

The coaster offers riders a number of surprises asides from its lightening speeds and towering heights; the coaster plummets down its first descent, towards a tunnel, that on approach appears too narrow for the carriage. The tunnel has been designed to create the illusion that it may very well behead you! As if this wasn't enough to rattle you to your core, the coaster shoots over a succession of five rises and falls, better known as camelback elevations. The tallest elevation sits seven storeys high. This series of camelback elevations will see you lose contact with your seat and create that fluttering stomach jumping sensation.  

This frightfully extreme big thrill ride has been designed to evoke a mixture of emotions, playing with you mentally and physically. Port Aventura refers to the hypercoaster as a challenge and compares conquering this exhilarating ride to the satisfaction a mountaineer feels once they have reached a mountain summit.

If you're travelling to Spain next spring, don't miss the chance to experience Europe's biggest ride thus far!

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Port Aventura , New Rides , Roller coaster updates , New Attractions

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