Port Aventura Reveals Shambhala POV Video!

Port Aventura , New Rides , New Attractions
Port Aventura Reveals Shambhala POV Video!
Experience Port Aventura’s new Shambhala roller coaster!
Port Aventura recently introduced its theme park guests to the highest roller coaster in Europe, Shambhala Expedicion al Himalaya!


Those of you seeking your theme park experience in Europe this year will be glad to know that Spanish theme park Port Aventura has recently opened its new record breaking roller coaster Shambhala Expedicion al Himalaya! 
This new big thrill roller coaster is bound to make Port Aventura a must visit theme park this summer.  The spine chilling Shambhala, Expedicion al Himalaya hits speeds of 83 miles per hour, boasts a 255 foot drop and looms an immense 249 feet above the Costa Dorada! Coaster enthusiasts and those of you spending your holidays in Spain have every reason to invest in some Port Aventura tickets this summer.
Check out the video to see just how thrilling this ride really is! Could there be a better reason to purchase your Port Aventura tickets?
Port Aventura , New Rides , New Attractions

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