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Discover the heritage of Disney World!
New website will launch this month, showcasing the history and heritage of the Walt Disney World pre 1990s!


This is definitely a reason for true Disney fans and devotees to get excited! For those of you that have bought the Disney tickets, seen the parks and bought the t-shirts...there's still more to discover- the history and heritage behind the magic!
Retro Disney World is a Disney fan site that will officially launch to the public at the end of the month. The site will allow users to explore memorable moments in the history of Disney World via maps, guidebooks, photos and loads more. This new Disney treasure will focus on the happiest place on earth's existence from its pre-opening state to the 1990s.
If exploring a website is too passive for you, why not just get your Disney tickets and head out to Disney World to make your very own Disney discoveries! 
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