Ride SeaWorld's Skytower for Free!

SeaWorld Orlando , Rides , Attractions , SeaWiorld Skytower , SeaWorld Skytower
Ride SeaWorld's Skytower for Free!
SeaWorld now invites park guests to ride the iconic Skytower free of charge...
SeaWorld allows park guests to witness the beautiful sights from the iconic Skytower free with their SeaWorld tickets...

SeaWorld has started to offer park guests free rides on the Skytower, inclusive with SeaWorld tickets. It has been rumoured that SeaWorld removed the extra charge to hop on board the tower over a month ago, however many SeaWorld visitors were unaware that the experience is now free of charge. Previously guests were charged a fee of $3 or $4 in addition to their SeaWorld tickets, now the experience is free for us all to enjoy.

For those of you who may have overlooked SeaWorld’s Skytower, it’s the looming tower that resembles the Ikea tower! It stands 400 hundred feet in the air and carries riders all the way to the top, offering an amazing bird’s eye view of Orlando, including amazing vistas of Aquatica and Discovery Cove. The tower carries riders above the park aboard a circling carriage that holds 50 riders. 
Remember to add this breathtaking experience to your SeaWorld itinerary. Get your SeaWorld tickets here! 
SeaWorld Orlando , Rides , Attractions , SeaWiorld Skytower , SeaWorld Skytower

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