Robin Williams: The Genie Gifs We'll Remember Him By...

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Robin Williams: The Genie Gifs We'll Remember Him By...
He was more than just one man, but we like to think of him as 'Genie'...
To some he's the Oscar Winning Psychologist of 'Good Will Hunting', to others he's Mrs Doubtfire, the nanny you'd never employ now you're all grown up, but longed for as a child and to others, he's Peter Pan from Stephen Spielberg's 'Hook'. In fact, Robin Williams is all of the above, but with our Disney tinted glasses on, we'll remember him today as 'Genie'.

It makes us sad to have to write about the loss of Robin Williams today, but how could we not pay homage to such a bountiful character. The world is left short of a one of kind comedy genius,  an imitator, creator and interpreter of many great characters and an actor starring in some of the greatest, if not funniest and adored movies of our time. Behind him he leaves a legacy that is bright and brilliant and for us, it's magical too. 

Aladdin has been one of the many Disney classics that has defined our childhoods, watched back to back, songs sung word for word and favourite scenes paused and rewound. It was the day of the video cassette, but now we own it on DVD and Blu Ray. We still adore this film just as much today and 'A Whole New World' has been a firm favourite in our office playlist since we got spotify. 'We ain't never had a friend like Genie' and we never will, but at least we have the great Disney movie Aladdin.

Here's all the reasons why we'd love Genie to be our friend... 

1. Without Robin Williams Genie would only be half the character he is today!

Firstly and foremostly, we believe Genie to be one of the greatest and most unique characterisations of any Disney character ever created. Disney characters with such detailed characteristics as Genie are frequently Disney villains. Of course Disney write their villains well and actors voice them just as well, but would Genie be half the man he is without the man that voiced him? We don't think so!  


2. Genie is completely and utterly selfless

OK, so we know he's a genie, but anyone who cares about your hopes and dreams and will even go as far as to make them come true and expects nothing in return, surely has to be awared the best friend trophy. 

What do you need Genie

3. He knows his worth...

In fact he'll shout it from the roof tops and make an entire song and dance about it! 

Genie - never had a friend like me

4. He's got some serious dance moves...

He'll never embarrass you on the dancefloor, in fact, he might outshine you!

Genie dancing gif

genie dancing gif

5. He'll impersonate your favourite actors...

Who doesn't love a friend that can impersonate your favourite actors - even moreso when they do it at your request, just to cheer you up and make you laugh!

You talkin to me gif

6. He gives good relationship advice...

It's not all fun and games, Genie is good at giving relationship advice too - an essential quality for any great friendship!

Genie gif

7. Honesty is his best policy...

He'll always encourage you to be honest - after all, what's a friendship without truth and honesty?

genie gif

8. He admits when he's wrong...

Nobody feels great about being wrong, not even Genie, but being able to admit you're wrong takes strength in character and Genie's got plenty of that!

Genie gif

9. He'll compliment you when you look nice...

In fact he'll design an entire outfit for you - he'll have you looking nothing less than royal!

Genie and Aladdin gif

10. He's your biggest fan...

He'll cheer you on and be your support system during tough times.

Genie gif

11. You look up to him...

With all of these great qualities, how could you not look up to Genie?

Aladdin Gif

12. He gives great hugs...

Trust me we know, we've shared a hug with him at Disney World - that hug is as good as it looks!

genie and aladdin hug gif

13. You miss him when he's away...

But he'll always be there, at Christmas and Easter, bank holidays and weekends and any other holiday you decided to watch the ultimate Disney Classic, Aladdin.

Genie i'm going to miss you gif

Genie, the friend we wish we had. x


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