Rumours that Walt Disney Pictures is Changing its Name

Rumours that Walt Disney Pictures is Changing its Name
Is Walt's name leaving the Walt Disney Pictures Logo?
Disney fans are saddened by the rumours of the loss of Walt Disney's name from the Walt Disney Pictures Logo...

Rumours have been circulating for some time now that Walt’s name will soon be disappearing from the Disney products, films and merchandise. Walt Disney, animator, film producer, screen writer, director, voice actor and entertainer co-founded the Walt Disney Company in 1920 with his brother Roy O Disney. Walt died in 1966, but the name has always been associated with the company, particularly when referring to Disney films and the Walt Disney studios.

A Disney fan was slightly taken aback after purchasing tickets to watch The Muppets, a Disney classic, in the theatre, only to find that the usual logo at the end of the film displayed ‘Disney’, as opposed to the usual ‘Walt Disney Pictures’. It is also to be noted, in the soon to be released DisneyPixar film Brave, the trailer opens with the Disney logo featuring the usual Cinderella Castle lit up against the night sky, however, once again ‘Walt’ and ‘Pictures’ is still absent from the logo.

Disney fans are disappointed because they feel that the company should continue to honour Walt, particularly in reference to the studios and animation - which Walt was and is still very much responsible for its existence. It could be argued that this is a move towards a more modern and contemporary approach to the Disney company and its animation. However, this possible move has begun to disgruntle Disney traditionalists.  Despite the rumours, true Disney fans will always be able to experience traditional Walt Disney with their Disney tickets at Walt Disney World Florida.