Insane Coaster Wars!

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Insane Coaster Wars!
Which theme park would you head to for your most insane coaster experience?
Travel Channel takes viewers across the USA to discover the country's most insane coasters on new TV programme titled Insane Coaster Wars!

We are particularly excited to hear about the Travel Channel's new TV show Insane Coaster Wars, set to air on the 8th July 2012. Insane Coaster Wars will take Travel Channel viewers across the USA to discover the great roller coasters of America. Roller coasters will be put into categories like G- Force Giants, Hang ‘em High and Splintering Speedsters and viewers will be asked to vote for the most worthy coaster of the category.

No doubt the coaster fans amongst you will already be feeling the adrenaline rush by are we! What is particularly exciting for us at ATD is that coasters very near and dear to our hearts have been nominated. SeaWorld’s Kraken has been nominated for the ‘Wrong Way Up’ category. SeaWorld’s Manta and Busch Gardens’ Montu have both been nominated for the Hang ‘em High category and, ever so appropriately in the G-Force Giants category, Busch Gardens Sheikra has been nominated.
To understand why these crazy coasters are nominees of a programme that honours ‘insane’ coasters you would truly have to purchase your SeaWorld or Busch Gardens tickets and experience the spine tingling pioneering rides for yourself. There are very few words that can do justice the force of Sheikra or the seamlessness of Manta.
We are unsure whether Insane Coaster Wars will be aired in the UK, but you’ll be able to stay updated via Twitter once the programme begins. However, if you are a thrill seeker currently researching a theme park holiday in America, you don’t need to wait for the results of Insane Coaster Wars for us to tell you that Busch Gardens’ Tampa is the craziest place to be for the most extreme and insane coasters.
So, thrill seekers be sure to get hold of some Busch Gardens tickets for your theme park holiday. You can trust us,  at ATD we are not shy of an insane roller coaster, in fact we quite like them! 
Busch Gardens , Roller coaster , SeaWorld , Inspiration

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