One Ocean

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One Ocean
Never has the ocean sparkled so brightly...
SeaWorld launches One Ocean, a new killer whale show set to dazzle audiences beyond imagination

On the surface One Ocean's majestic, it's vivid in colour and it's overwhelmingly breathtaking, but if you dig a little deeper you'll realise the stimulus behind all the magic is from a much deeper place with a much greater meaning at its heart. Staged in the Shamu Stadium, Once Ocean is an upbeat and exhilerating killer whale performance that utilises the stadium's three storey set, panoramic LED screens and hundreds of surround sound speakers to enhance this spectacular concept. Lights, music and underwater imagery has this show tickling each and every one of the audience's senses, sending energy levels soaring to unrecognisable heights.

The core of One Ocean is the idea that both animal and humans are from one world, collectively connected to one great ocean. "This new show is the essence of what guests love about our parks," says John Reilly, SeaWorld San Diego's park president. "It brings to life SeaWorld's mission of education and conservation in the most powerful way yet." 

The show conveys its innovative and topical themes using killer whales as its protagonist, creating an unbelievably overwhelming performance that is successful not only in wowing the audience, as SeaWorld always does so well, but in thoroughly exploring and demonstrating its themes. "Trainers, producers and educators are collaborating on new ways to connect with the audience and show how closely the human and animal worlds are connected," says Julie Scardina, SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment's curator of Animal Training says.

Killer whales interact with their trainers, the audience and one another in new and innovative ways. They swim in and out of  huge water fountains and perform a routine that has multiple whales leaping and diving in unison, "there is an unprecedent level of energy, excitement and passion in the show," says Julie.

Nevertheless, at the crux of this groundbreaking show is a motif which explores the human impact on the marine and hammers home an extremely crucial message, which brings to the forefront the responsibility we have to protect and take pride in an ocean that is just as significant to our lives and just as much ours as it is the animals it makes home to. "It is the ultimate SeaWorld experience: world-class entertainment that educates and inspires action," says Julie. One Ocean is set to launch at the end of this month, replacing the infamous Believe show.

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SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment® , SeaWorld® Orlando Tickets , SeaWorld Parks , SeaWorld , One Ocean Show , SeaWorld Shamu Show , New Attractions , Inspiration