SeaWorld Releases Rescued Sea Turtle

SeaWorld , SeaWorld rescue
SeaWorld Releases Rescued Sea Turtle
This morning SeaWorld released a sea turtle back into the wild.
This morning, Thursday 15th March, SeaWorld animal experts released a sea turtle back into the Atlantic Ocean at Cocoa Beach Florida.

On the 26th February 2012 SeaWorld Orlando took a one hundred pound sea turtle into its care. The injured turtle was found with a four inch long fish hook caught in its throat. After x-raying the turtle, SeaWorld experts operated the same day, removing the fish hook.

To ensure a safe recovery from the surgery SeaWorld kept the turtle under its care till they believed it was fit and strong enough to make it in the wild. This morning SeaWorld released the rescued turtle out into the Atlantic Ocean at Cocoa Beach Florida. 
SeaWorld makes great efforts to preserve and protect the marine world. SeaWorld’s animal rescue team are on call seven days a week twenty four hours a day. In its 45 years, SeaWorld has rescued an excess of 20,000 animals. 
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You can watch the SeaWorld rescue team release the sea turtle at Cocoa Beach here.
SeaWorld , SeaWorld rescue

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