SeaWorld San Diego Announces Brand New Attraction

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SeaWorld San Diego Announces Brand New Attraction
Breaking news from SeaWorld San Diego...
Find out what's happening at SeaWorld San Diego's brand new Ocean Explorer expansion.

Breaking news – a brand new indoor/outdoor dark ride is due to be added to the brand new Ocean Explorer expansion at SeaWorld San Diego. Construction began today, with SeaWorld team members literally ‘breaking ground’ on the new area, where cutting edge technology and state of the art aquariums will really bring the park’s rescue missions to life.


Seaworld San Diego ocean Explorer


The new ride will allow guests to board mini submarines and really immerse themselves in a simulated version of the rescue efforts the SeaWorld parks undertake every day to protect some of the world’s most beautiful and endangered marine species. Riders will collect data on the animals needing to be rescued as they speed around this immersive surprise-filled 3-minute ride.

The new attraction aims to encourage young guests to see the link between admiring these incredible living creatures and helping to protect them in the wild too, as well as being a brand new thrilling ride for them to try out.

The new Ocean Explorer Area will also feature a swinging ride where the swings ropes are actually giant jellyfish tentacles and the atmosphere is filled with bubbles! All these new rides are very family-friendly, so they can be enjoyed by everyone.

The new attractions are due to open in the late spring of 2017, which is looking to be an exciting year for the SeaWorld San Diego park as it also prepares to usher in its revamped and educational orca shows. Make sure you get your tickets for an amazing new year at SeaWorld San Diego right here.

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