Shambhala Expedicion Al Himalaya

Port Aventura , New Attractions
Shambhala Expedicion Al Himalaya
A possible opening date for Port Aventura’s highly anticipated new coaster!
Rumours would have it that Port Aventura’s record breaking roller coaster Shambhala will open on the 30th April.

It’s been a while since we’ve spoken about Shambhala or Port Aventura even, but by no means is that because we’ve forgotten about either! Just in case you have, Shambhala is the latest addition to arrive at Spanish theme park Port Aventura, but still yet to open up to the public.

The big thrill coaster breaks a number of European roller coaster records, rendering the ride, in roller coaster language, a hyper coaster. Shambhala is Europe’s highest roller coaster, hitting speeds of 134km per hour, falling 78 metres at its lengthiest drop. The ride travels faster and falls deeper than any of its European predecessors. Coaster lovers, isn’t this reason enough to hop on a plane to Spain with Port Aventura tickets in tow? We think so!
Rumours would have it that the ride will be thrilling the socks off us as soon as the 30th April – so it’s not long now. Keep checking back here for us to confirm the dates. But if you’re headed to the Golden Coast of Spain, why not enhance your holiday with some Port Aventura tickets anyway?
Read more about Shambhala on ATD’s Latest news page here.
Port Aventura , New Attractions

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