Shambhala: New Ride Arrives at Port Aventura

Shambhala: New Ride Arrives at Port Aventura
New roller coaster, Shambalah will arrive at the Spanish theme park Port Aventura this spring 2012!
Port Aventura introduces new groundbreaking roller coaster Shambhala and a newly themed Himalayan landscape to the theme park this spring. Shambhala will take Port Aventura park guests on a thrilling ride through the Himalayas, breaking a number of European roller coaster records.

In November 2011 we told you that a brand new roller coaster would be thrilling those with Port Aventura tickets this Spring. At the time the Spanish theme park was able to reveal that the coaster was an intense big thrill ride, using rollercoaster terminology to describe the coaster as a hyper-coaster.

We can now confirm that this highly anticipated hyper coaster has been crowned Shambhala after the mythical Asian kingdom and is taking great form. The ride is set within 14,000 square metres of Himalayan themed land, making Shambhala an exhilarating journey through the Himalayas.
Shamabalah will become Europe’s highest rollercoaster, reaching a dizzying 76 metres and completely altering Port Aventura’s skyline, which is currently dominated by one of the parks most iconic rides, Dragon Khan. Shambalya will be located just behind Dragon Khan. The profile of the two constructions will create the illusion of two tracks intertwining, making Port Aventura’s skyline a masterpiece.
In addition to Shambhala being the highest coaster in Europe, the coaster breaks a number of other European records, hitting speeds of 134km per hour in its first drop and dropping 78 metres at its longest drop, Shambhala travels faster and falls deeper than any other coaster in Europe.
Don’t miss out on this Himalayan expedition, get your Port Aventura tickets and jump on board the Shambhala! 
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