Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom - The Disney Villains!

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Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom - The Disney Villains!
ATD reacquaints you with the Disney villains in preparation for the Sorcerers of Magic Kingdom!
If you're preparing for the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom interactive adventure, you might want to reacquaint yourself with the Disney villains you'll go up against!

Those with their Disney tickets, planning to embark on Disney’s brand new Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom interactive adventure will need to keep their wits about them and their eyes peeled. The villains have plans to overrun the Magic Kingdom and as Merlin’s apprentice, it will be your job to stop them! In anticipation of the opening of the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, we thought we’d prepare you for the Disney villains you might encounter on your spellbinding adventure by refreshing your memory of some of the infamous Disney villains and their wicked ways!

The Demonic Disney Villains!

Cruella De Vil, the cruel devil woman from 101 Dalmatians, who kidnaps the Dalmatian puppies to make coats made from Dalmatian fur and has a country home named Hell Hall!

Lady Tremain and the Ugly Stepsisters from Cinderella, these immoral and heartless characters enslave Cinderella, doing anything they can to stand in the way of her finding her ‘Happily ever after’.

The Queen from Snow White is Snow White’s stepmother who grows envious of Snow White when her talking ‘mirror on the wall’ responds to her infamous ‘who’s the fairest of them all?’ question, informing her that Snow White is the new, fairest in the land. The Queen instantly orders a huntsman to kill her stepdaughter and return her heart.  

Jafar is the evil sorcerer who longs to take over Agrabah and become the Sultan from Aladdin. Thus far, Jafar’s is the Disney villain that has received the most airtime than any other Disney villain has had in a Disney film.
Jafar is one of the villains battling to take over the Magic Kingdom!

Ursula from The Little Mermaid is a sea witch, half human and half octopus and yet another Disney character that longs for power. Ursula wants to overthrow Mer-king King Triton to become the queen of the seas.
Ursula is yet another power hungry Disney villain featured in Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom!

Hades, from Disney’s Hercules, is based upon Hades of Greek mythology. Hades is a demonic character who longs to rule Mount Olympus at any cost, even if it means overthrowing his brother Zuess from the thrown and harming his nephew Hercules.
Hades commands the villains in Disney’s Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.

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Disney World , Disney's Magic Kingdom , Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom , Fun