Space Shuttle Endeavour Journeys through the Streets of LA!

Space Shuttle Endeavour Journeys through the Streets of LA!
Space Shuttle Endeavour heads home today!
Today, the 13th October, Space Shuttle Endeavour will embark on its final mission to the California Science Centre. The shuttle will take an unconventional method of transport, travelling through public streets of LA.


You might remember one of our ATD Latest News posts last month about Space Shuttle Endeavour’s California bound ferry flight from Cape Canaveral’s Kennedy Space Centre. Endeavour was enroute to its new home in the California Science Centre in Los Angeles and on its epic ferry flight flew over locations and structures we consider pretty significant, namely Disney’s World’s Cinderella Castle in Florida on the 19th September and two days later over Disneyland California!
After completing twenty five missions into space, tomorrow Space Shuttle Endeavour will embark on its last ever mission, to the California Science Centre, where it will remain. There are only four space shuttles on display in the USA, however Space Shuttle Endeavour will be the only one on display on the West Coast. 
What makes Endeavour’s journey home particularly remarkable is its method of travel. The five stories high, 78 foot wide Space Shuttle will travel through the public streets of LA, beginning its road trip today at 2 a.m PDT, arriving at the California Science Centre on Saturday the 13th October at 9pm PDT.
Should you so happen to be in California with your Disneyland tickets, take a break from the happiest place on earth and hit the streets of LA to witness a phenomenon that’ll go down in space travel history. 
If you’re Orlando bound and consider yourself a space fanatic – don’t hop on your plane without purchasing some Kennedy Space Centre tickets!