Step into the Movies with ATD

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Step into the Movies with ATD
Experience the movies with Attraction Tickets Direct ...
Following on from the glitz and glamour of the Oscars, we take a look at how you can experience some of your favourite movies at America's greatest theme parks and movie locations across the globe with Attraction Tickets Direct.

We all love to recreate our favourite cinematic moments whilst on holiday or visit our favourite movie locations, so in spirit of the Oscars we have put together a guide of some of the most iconic movie moments, locations and experiences you can become a part of with Attraction Tickets Direct's range of attraction tickets. 

The Da Vinci Code - Paris

The film: Tom Hanks starred in the 2006 big screen adaptation of the best-selling Dan Brown thriller, as Professor Robert Langdon, the prime suspect in the murder case of Louvre curator Jacques Saunière. With a number of scenes shot inside the museum (although a replica of the Mona Lisa was used), this gripping thriller was a box office smash.

See it for yourself: To get the full experience, you have to visit the Louvre, although we wouldn't recommend harming the curator. Why not combine your Louvre visit with admission to over sixty top Parisian attraction with the Paris Pass and  hop on board a hop-on-hop-off bus tour so you get to see even more of this beautiful city. 

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol - Dubai

The film: The fourth edition to this action movies franchise saw Tom Cruise head to Dubai, where he climbed the outside of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. You might remember the scene when Cruise is perilously swinging from the windows after his escape from a Russian prison.

See it for yourself: When you pre-book your tickets to the Burj Khalifa observation deck, you won't need to climb the building or dangle from the windows. Instead, you'll be whisked to the 124th floor observatory, where you can take in some spectacular 360 degree views of Dubai, from a dizzying height of 1,483 feet.

King Kong - New York

The film: This 1933 classic saw Kong, a giant gorilla, taken from his home on Skull Island and taken to New York City, where he was to be displayed as the 'Eighth Wonder of the World'. The inevitable then happened, as Kong escaped, scaling the Empire State Building and having a memorable fight with a plane.

See it for yourself: Luckily, giant gorilla sightings on the Empire State Building have been zero outside of the movies, so you can focus on enjoying the breathtaking views from the 86th floor observation deck and admire the stunning Art Deco lobby of this New York landmark. With our Empire State Building Skip the Line attraction ticket you can even beat the queues!

Bullitt - San Francisco

The film: King of cool, Steve McQueen takes the headline role as Lieutenant Frank Bullitt, trying to solve the murder case of a key witness in an organised crime hearing, although all is not as simple as it seems. The film is best remembered, however, for one of the most dramatic car chases in cinema history, in which McQueen in his Ford Mustang, chases the hitmen in their Dodge Charger around the undulating streets of San Francisco.

See it for yourself: Whilst you won't be involved in a high speed chase and hopefully no murder trials, the GoCar GPS Guided San Francisco Tours are a great way of seeing the city. And if you really want to imitate Steve McQueen, you can always get a roll neck sweater and follow your friends around menacingly.

The Rock - San Francisco

The film: Back in the 'City by the Bay' and the 1996 Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage action thriller, set on America's most notorious prison, Alcatraz. A group of rogue marines have taken over the island on a guided tour of the island, keeping 81 tourists hostage on the island. A series of threats to destroy the city if they do not receive a ransom of $100m sees the FBI turning to federal prisoner John Mason (Connery) to help them take back the island, as the only man to have ever escaped 'The Rock' he is their only hope.

See it for yourself: Thankfully rogue marines don't tend to plague Alcatraz, but the site is an absolute must see for any trip to San Francisco. The audio tour provides some genuinely chilling tales of life on the island and also gives the opportunity for the obligatory behind bars photo. Combine your Alcatraz trip with a hop-on-hop-off bus tour for the ultimate San Francisco experience.

Scarface - Miami

The film: Al Pacino stars as Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant who ends up in Miami, seeking the American Dream. A heady mix of narcotics and power see Montana become one of the biggest players on the Miami scene, although his ill-gotten wealth comes at a price. Miami provides the perfect backdrop for this 80's classic.

See it for yourself: We wouldn't endorse Tony Montana's life, however we would recommend you sampling Cuban life on the Taste of Little Havana Tour, where you can try traditional Cuban cuisine and the El Credito cigar factory. No trip to Miami would be complete without visiting the Art Deco buildings of South Beach, so why not hop on the Art Deco Segway Tour, where you will see some of the famous locations from the film.

The Hangover - Las Vegas

The film: Four guys head to Vegas on a stag weekend, what could possibly go wrong? Well, the groom going missing, a trashed hotel suite, a mysterious baby, a stolen police car, a missing tooth and Mike Tyson's tiger seems pretty much as bad as it can get, especially with a massive hangover! Luckily it all ends well.

See it for yourself: We obviously can't endorse some of this behaviour, but we can certainly recommend a VIP limo tour of 'The Strip' including access to some of the hottest bars and clubs in town. Best of all, the limo drivers tend to operate a strict 'no tigers in the car' rule. You know, just in case.

Back to the Future - Universal Studios Hollywood

The film: This classic 1985 time-travel adventure sees Michael J Fox, as teenager Marty McFly, accidentally get transported back to 1955 in a time travelling DeLorean, built by madcap scientist Dr Emmett Brown. Back in 1955, Marty encounters his parents as teenagers and has to change the course of history in order to save his future self and get back to 1985.

See it for yourself: The famous courthouse set can be seen at Universal Studios Hollywood on the ever-popular Backlot Studio Tour. If that isn't  enough Back to the Future for you, the original DeLorean from the film is also housed at the park. The Back to the Future fans here at ATD HQ (of which there are several!) are hoping for a Back to the Future II inspired Hoverboard attraction in 2015!

Psycho - Universal Studios Hollywood

The film: One of Alfred Hitchcock's most famous films sees a young secretary flee after embezzling money from her employers and ending up at the secluded Bates Motel. Disturbed owner and manager Norman Bates is not the sort of man you want to be around though and the shower scene is surely one of the most famous in cinema history.

See it for yourself: This is also on the Backlot Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood, with the Bates Motel as one of the stop off points. Keep your eyes peeled though, you may see Norman chasing the tour bus as you drive by!


Step into the movies

It isn't just seeing the locations of your favourite movies, you can also enjoy a number of fantastic rides inspired by your favourite films...

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Universal Orlando Resort

The films: A young orphan boy living with his aunt and uncle is selected to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he develops his magical talents. With his powers, comes a battle with the dark side and his nemesis Voldemort that sees Harry embroiled in a battle of good versus evil.

The attractions: Hogwarts village has been meticulously recreated at Universal's Islands of Adventure, with the enormous Hogwarts Castle housing the 'Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey' simulator ride. Potter fans will be glad to know there is even more for Potter fans in 2014. Diagon Alley is being recreated at Universal Studios Florida, with the Hogwarts Express set to link the two attractions, in one of the most immersive attractions around.

Toy Story Mania - Disney's Hollywood Studios

The films: A story of what happens when toys come to life and a tale of friendship. Woody the Cowboy is his owner Andy's favourite toy, at least till Andy's new toy Buzz Lightyear takes Woody's place, leaving Woody feeling a little jealous. However, it's not long till Buzz and Woody form an unlikely alliance. A whole host of other characters make this film trilogy one of the most heartwarming you will ever see.

The attractions: Toy Story Mania at Disney's Hollywood Studios is a 3-D adventure that sees you and your companion go head to head in a virtual shootout on a range of traditional funfair games, that the whole family will love.


The films: Too many to name, but most importantly, Tinseltown is the home of film, playing host to the Oscars, huge film studios and some of the biggest stars on earth.

The attractions: Take a trip to Grauman's Chinese Theatre and have a look at the famous hand and foot prints of your favourite stars, before a walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where the great and the good are honoured. From there, take a trip to see the homes of the rich and the famous and even hike up the Hollywood Hills to see the world famous Hollywood sign that looms large over the city. Keep your eyes peeled, as you never know who you might see!

Whether you're a movie fan, a travel enthusiast or a theme park junkie, the holidays Attaction Tickets Direct can add happiness to are endless. Be sure to check out the attraction tickets available for your destination and start putting together your holiday itinerary.

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Universal Orlando Resort , Wizarding World of Harry Potter , Films , Universal Studios Hollywood , New York , Las Vegas , Miami , Diagon Alley , California , San Francisco

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