Super Bowl Victory Parade at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Super Bowl Victory Parade at Disney’s Magic Kingdom
Super Bowl winner Eli Manning heads to Disney World for his Super Bowl victory parade...
Quarter back Eli Manning led the New York Giants to victory at the Super Bowl last night and, following tradition, Eli will be 'Going to Disney World' for his celebratory parade at Disney's Magic Kingdom today at 1.30!

Those lucky enough to be in Orlando with their Disney tickets, conveniently avoiding the snow, are in for a treat today at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Last night the New York Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning led the American football team to victory at the 2012 Super Bowl and will have a parade held in his honour at Disney’s Magic Kingdom for the second time. Moments after the Giants won the championship league an elated Manning stood in front of a TV camera and said those five magical words ‘I’m going to Disney World.’

It is a Disney tradition to honour the Super Bowl winner with a celebratory parade at Magic Kingdom and an iconic Super Bowl/ Disney World advert.  The tradition follows as such; Disney places the winner in, what is referred to as the ‘I’m going to Disney World spot’ and films the Super Bowl winner, asking them the habitual question, ‘What are you going to do next?’ The winner, in this case Eli Manning, recites the famous phrase, ‘I’m going to Disney World.’ 
This Disney/Super Bowl custom began some twenty five years ago and has become an iconic moment, synonymous with Super Bowl. Eli Manning has made the 45th ‘I am going to Disney World’ commercial and is the first Giants quarterback to win the Super Bowl twice. In 2008 Manning was crowned MVP of Super Bowl XLII after leading the team to victory in a 17-14 comeback against American football team the Patriots. 
The parade will begin at Disney World today at 1.30, where Eli Manning will celebrate at Disney’s Magic Kingdom alongside the NFL youth team and thousands of other Disney holidaymakers. 
For those of us yet to embark on our Disney holiday, there’s still loads more happening over at the park. Check out some Disney tickets and be part of the magic!