Why Tenerife is the Canary Island of choice

Why Tenerife is the Canary Island of choice
Tenerife should be your Canary Island of choice this year, whatever your age!

With some of the best water parks in Europe and skin-warming, year-round sun, it comes as no surprise that Tenerife is the Canary Island of choice for many when it comes to booking a family holiday abroad.

Sometimes it can be tricky to keep every family member happy on holiday, with everyone wanting to visit different beaches, attractions and parts of the country that you haven’t explored yet. But what many destinations offer, and what Tenerife certainly does, is fun-filled action for the kids whilst also catering for the adults with a beautiful backdrop for a relaxing holiday. Check out why Tenerife should be your Canary Island of choice this year, whatever your age!

Tenerife climate


Also known internationally as the “island of eternal spring”, Tenerife, which stands at the same latitude as the Sahara Desert, enjoys a warm climate all year round with an average of 24 to 28 degrees in the summer and 12 to 24 degrees in the winter. For those who aren’t so keen on scorching temperatures whilst abroad, the marine and off-shore breeze lend a hand to a cooling effect wherever you stay on the island.

Ruth from Tenerife Travel Secrets says: “Tenerife is an island full of surprises and the perfect place for your holiday any time of the year.

“Due to its strategic location, it is possible to experience the cold, greener weather of the peninsula, which is more common in the north, as well as the warmth coming from Africa, noticeable in more southerly locations. All this on one island, and just a few hours apart!”

Siam Water Park 


Siam Water Park

From the surprise-filled structure of The Lost City to the biggest artificial wave pool in the world, The Wave Palace, every one of every age, including babies and toddlers, are able to enjoy what Siam Water Park Tenerife has to offer.

The exotic environment that it sits within allows you to immerse yourself in cascading waterfalls and float along the world’s longest lazy river surrounded by lush vegetation. With over 30 rides to experience including the jaw-dropping, heart-pumping Tower of Power, Siam Park is the best place to release the build-up of holiday excitement.

Sea Lion Island provides a warm welcome for any visitor, as you are able to get up close and personal to the sea lions who show you just how much fun can be had in the water. For the adults, Siam Beach provides glistening white Canary sand, exclusive to the Park itself, and enables you to enjoy the best moments of relaxation on your holiday. Siam Park is a kid’s attraction that adults love!

Natural beauty 


Mount Teide in Tenerife

From the coastline to the mainland, Tenerife boasts some of the most wonderful natural landscapes to be found in the Canary Islands.

Ruth adds: “A visit to El Teide (Mount Teide) is a must, as it’s the third largest volcano in the world and the highest point in Spain, standing at 3,718 metres tall. It is possible to reach the top of the volcano by walking, but if you have children then you can drive up to a certain point and then continue by cable car. The views from the top are amazing, and the sunset is unmissable.”

The beaches that surround Tenerife and its attractions offer a perfect Mediterranean canvas on which to paint your holiday memories. Whether you wish to lie back and relax, or take a walk on the magnificent cliffs not too far from the shore, whichever way you turn there will always be something to see that will take your breath away.

Loro Parque


Loro Parque in Tenerife

Renowned for its fantastic array of animals, reptiles and sea life, Loro Parque in Tenerife is a fantastic day out for the whole family. Watch elegant dolphins with the cheekiest characters perform right before your eyes in Europe’s largest dolphin pool.

Other residents of Loro Parque include the sea lions, parrots and pelicans, gorillas, tigers and not forgetting the sharks! You can even find the largest population of penguins in the world outside of the Arctic regions at Loro Parque, what more could you want?! And with up to seven restaurants, bars and cafes you won’t be short of choice when looking for a place to sit down and relax between all of the excitement.

Water activities


Parasailing in Tenerife

Tenerife is famous for its glistening clear blue waters and vast array of marine life, including shoals of roncadores, beautiful stingrays, resident turtles and many other colourful fish. Getting up close to these magnificent creatures isn’t hard, as snorkelling is a great activity for all the family and can be done on most beaches around the island. There are many shops that rent and sell the correct equipment.

The crystal clear water is also home to some very friendly dolphins and graceful whales, which can be seen not too far from the shore. There are many excursion choices to see them play and swim in their natural habitat.

If you are looking for something a little more thrill-seeking, why not have a go at parasailing and see Tenerife from a completely different perspective? There is the option of a one- or two-person parasailing experience, making your holiday to Tenerife that little more special. Jet skiing is also an activity not to be missed, with there even being ski safari tours around parts of the island; perfect for older teenagers and adults.

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