Throwback Thursday: Iron Man's Comic Debut in 1963

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Throwback Thursday: Iron Man's Comic Debut in 1963
In 1963 Marvel's Iron Man made his first ever comic appearance!
Iron Man made his first comic debut in 1963 in the 39th edition of Marvel's Tales of Suspense comic series. In spirit of the Iron Man excitement leading up to the release of Iron Man 3 this spring, this Throwback Thursday we take a look back at Iron Man’s introduction to the world!


Die hard Marvel fans will know all about the conception of Tony Stark, his powered suit of armour and the very reason why Iron Man came into existence. For those amongst you that became familiar with Iron Man in the later years, namely in the Iron Man film franchise or in Avengers Assemble, here’s a little back story on the lovable Iron Man’s inception. 
Iron Man's Debut
Iron Man made his first ever appearance in March 1963 in the 39th edition of the Marvel comic series Tales of Suspense, during the Silver Age of Comic Books (1956 – 1970) when comics were receiving particular success. Many of the most important comic writers contributed to this period. He was created by legendary comic writer, editor, ex-president and chairman of Marvel Comics Stan Lee that created Iron Man. 
The Context

1963 was the era of the Cold War when the general morale was against capitalism, war and nuclear weapons. Stan Lee created Iron Man to be the character that the general comic reader would be opposed to, a capitalist, billionaire and weapons manufacturer supplying the army with weapons, but would soon grow to like. 

Genius Playboy - Character Inspiration


It has been rumoured that Iron Man’s glamorous, multibillionaire playboy character was inspired by the American aviator, engineer, film director and ladies man Howard Hughes.Born Anthony Edward Stark, Tony Stark was the son of Howard Stark, a wealthy industrialist and head of Stark Industries.

Tony was born a science genius, entering University at the age of 15, where he studied electrical engineering. Like many of the superhero and villain comic genre leading characters, both Stark’s parent’s died when he was young, in a fatal plane accident. Tony Stark’s genius in physics, chemistry and maths in comparable to his fellow Marvel comic geniuses, Rick Reed from the Fantastic Four and Bruce Banner, better known as the Hulk. However, Tony Stark exceeds their genius in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering.
Tony's Injury
Tony Stark is injured when he falls for a trap set up by an enemy, under the direction of Wong Chu, who captures and imprisons Tony and demands him to design weapons. Stark’s injuries from the trap leave shrapnel in his chest that’s working its way to his heart and will eventually kill him. Tony is imprisoned with Nobel Prize winning physicist Ho Yinsen, who helps him design the magnetic chest plate, which keeps Tony alive by stopping the shrapnel from getting to his heart.  Instead of building weapons under Wong Chu’s watch the pair also manage to construct the notorious powered suit of armour, which enables Tony to escape from the prison.
Powered Suit of Armour
Iron Man owns a variety of powered armour suits which gives Tony his superhuman strength and endurance. Each suit has its own weapon system integrated, which depends upon the purpose of the suit. Iron Man’s standard weapon is the repulsor rays, which are fired from the glove of the armoured suit. 
Weapons Systems and Special Suits
Other weapon systems built into the powered armour include the uni-beam projector, in the chest of the suit, an electromagnetic pulse generator, a defensive energy shield and pulse bolts, which pick up kinetic energy. Tony has specialised suits for deep sea diving, stealth and space travel. Stark has received physical training from Captain America, his personal chauffeur, assistant and professional boxer Happy Hogan and Marvel superhero War Machine, also known as James Rhodes. Even without his suit Tony Stark boasts impressive strength. 
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