Throwback Thursday Looks Forward to 'Saving Mr Banks'!

Disney Films , Disneyland California , Saving Mr Banks
Throwback Thursday Looks Forward to 'Saving Mr Banks'!
A nostalgic film brings to life an old tale of two legends!
The first Saving Mr Banks trailer has officially been released! It's now just a matter of months till the world will see the tale of Walt Disney and his pursuit to bring Mary Poppins to the screen unfold before our very eyes. We can assure you, it was no mean feat! Watch the trailer, be charmed by Walt, amazed by Tom Hanks and be dazzled by the entire concept of this new Disney film, Saving Mr Banks!

We're going to go out on a lim here and say that it's not long now till the anticipation of Disney's Saving Mr Banks begins to stir up a frenzy similar to what Baz Luhrman's 'The Great Gatsby' caused earlier this year.  Needless to say, similarly to F. Scott Fitzgerald, who penned pioneering novel The Great Gatsby,  Walt Disney is a legend, a trailblazer and an icon. And we haven't even mentioned his talent for animation and storytelling, which made the great Walt Disney empire possible and able to continue pioneering and paving the way for entertainment across the board to this very day, some forty seven years after his death. Who wouldn't be excited to watch his genius at work and witness his magic on screen? Only this time the protagonist is Walt Disney himself!


Saving Mr Banks - Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson



Saving Mr Banks - Tom Hanks





Saving Mr Banks - Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson



In this highly anticipated film, Saving Mr Banks, Tom Hanks plays Walt Disney, taking the audience on a nostalgic journey back in time, retelling Walt's efforts to win over the approval of P L Travers, author of Mary Poppins, played by  award winning actress Emma Thompson, to bring the Mary Poppins novel to the big screen, the mainstream -  the very medium that most of us have come to know Mary Poppins.  Mary Poppins eventually hit the silverscreen in 1964, nine years after the first ever Disney theme park, Disneyland California became the happiest place on earth and the only Disney park on the planet.  Indeed, it was no mean feat for Walt  to realise his vison for Mary Poppins and Saving Mr Banks will reveal that it took far more than a spoonful of sugar to convince Travers to allow him to have his magical way with her precious novel. 


Saving Mr Banks will recreate this captivating moment in movie history with a film that, if the trailer is anything to go by, will be just as charming, humorus and of course as magical as Tom Hanks portrays Walt Disney to be.

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Enjoy the rest of your Throwback Thursday, readers!

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Disney Films , Disneyland California , Saving Mr Banks

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