Top 5 City Skyline View Points

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Top 5 City Skyline View Points
It’s easy to underestimate how breath-taking modern cities can be.
The world is full of magnificent city skylines, but when you’re down on the ground it’s hard to take in how truly amazing they can be. Check out our rundown of the 5 best view points that allow you to see the sights of some of the most outstanding cities from one place.

1. The Eiffel Tower – Paris


The Eiffel Tower


When you think of France you think of The Eiffel Tower and from the top of this historical tower you can see the beautiful layout of the Parisian streets. Standing at 300 metres tall, The Eiffel Tower was once the tallest structure in the world and, although now it’s been eclipsed by modern skyscrapers, it still remains one of the most remarkable and classical structures in the world. The Eiffel Tower gives you the opportunity to see other Parisian monuments like the Arc de Triomphe or the Notre-Dame Cathedral from a perspective you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else in France. The Eiffel Tower is simply a must for anyone visiting Paris for the first time.

Tickets to the Eiffel Tower, including skip-the-line entry, can be found here.

2. The Shard - London


The Shard


The Shard is considered to be a vertical city with retail, offices, hotels, apartments, restaurants and a viewing gallery all incorporated into one. Opened in 2013, The Shard is the tallest building in western Europe, standing at 310 metres tall. From the top of The shard you can see the River Thames wind through the bustling city of London. For people visiting London or living in London the view from The Shard is a great opportunity to view the city from a completely unique perspective. For example, at night you can see the London Eye spin in bright neon lights.

Tickets for ‘The View from The Shard’ can be found here.

3. The Empire State Building – New York


Empire State


The Empire State Building is perhaps one of the most iconic buildings in modern history. During the day the bright reflection of the American sun on the office windows can create a spectrum of scattered light. From this view point you can get a unique perspective of the hectic streets of New York whilst being able to see the magnificent shore line of Manhattan too. The Empire State building stands at 381 metres but the tip takes it to 443 meters tall. Built in 1931, the view is not only beautiful but also historical, you’ll be able to see the same view that people would have seen 80 years ago.

Tickets to ‘The Empire State Building Observatory’ can be found here.

4. One World Trade Center – New York



Built in 2014, the skyscraper stands at 541m meaning that the One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the western hemisphere. This fact alone should be enough of a reason to want to see the view, but not only is it the tallest building in the western hemisphere it is also a monument to the American people. From the observation tower on a clear day you can see the horizon stretch into New York, New jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts, 5 of the American States. The best time to see the view is at twilight when the skyline becomes a mix of beautiful colours, and the red sunset reflects of the rivers of New York.

Tickets to the ‘One World Observatory’ are available here.

5. The Burj Khalifa – Dubai



This monstrous sky scraper dwarfs the other buildings on this list, standing at 828m it’s the tallest structure in the World. Whilst offering a view from the heavens the Burj Khalifa also offers a unique style with desert sand surrounding the city, a view you can’t see from the other buildings on this list. For anyone visiting Dubai it’s a once in a life time opportunity to go to the observation deck and see the unique city of Dubai.  However, you may want to visit this place twice during the day and at night, because it becomes a completely different experience. When the sun goes down the city lights up like Vegas and the water in the fountain out front performs a spectacular show.

Tickets to the ‘Burj Khalifa 124th floor observation deck’ are available here.

By Jonathan Stevens

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