Transformers: The Ride Advertised to NBC Super Bowl Viewers

Transformers: The Ride Advertised to NBC Super Bowl Viewers
Universal Hollywood advertised the new Transformers: The Ride to millions of Super Bowl viewers...
On the 5th February Universal Hollywood teased millions of NBC viewers with a 30 second commercial advertising the Transformers: The Ride shown just before the Super Bowl began...

At the beginning of the year we broke the news to you about the new Transformers ride coming to Universal Hollywood this May. Although Universal hadn't revealed too much detail to ruin the suspense for those with Universal tickets, they confirmed that the ride would be a motion simulated ride complete with animatronic figures, not too dissimilar to the technology behind The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man. 

Universal hasn't unveiled much other than this. However, Universal are very cleverly building the anticipation and teased Super Bowl viewers with a commercial that advertised the new Tranformers attraction to arrive at Universal Hollywood in May. Of course such an advertising slot is huge and an amazing launch pad for any advertiser, 111.3 million viewers were tuned in to the Super Bowl. NBC, the channel that shows the championship, charges advertisers $4 million for a 30 second ad during the game.
"In just thirty, thrilling seconds, we'll be able to capture how exhilarating this mega-attraction will be when it officially opens at Universal Studios Hollywood this May," President of Universal Studios Hollywood Larry Kurzweil said.
Universal Orlando began the launch of the Harry Potter theme park at Universal's Islands of Adventure utilising the viewing power of the Super Bowl in 2010.
Rumours would have it that Transformers: The Ride will launch on the 25th May 2012, however keep checking back here for confirmed dates.