Tribute Video to Remember Universal's Jaws Ride

Tribute Video to Remember Universal's Jaws Ride
Jaws – at Universal Studios from 1990 -2012
Jaws the Ride is a classic that indeed will be missed by Orlando theme park fans. But the tribute video will help us reminisce and relive the Jaws the Ride experience...

Jaws was one of the first rides to grace Universal Studios Orlando with its presence when the park opened in 1990 and has entertained those of us with Universal tickets for twenty two years. It was a sad day when Universal announced that the Jaws ride, inspired by Steven Spielberg 1974 film of the same name would no longer be.

Admittedly, twenty two years in theme park years is a long time, in comparison to rides like Rip Ride Rocket and The Amazing Adventures of Spider-man, Jaws seems a little dated, but that’s why we loved it. It was a classic experience. One of Orlando’s must see attractions, synonymous with being at Universal Studios Florida.

The ride will sadly be missed, both for those who were never fortunate enough to hop on board Captain Jake’s Amity Boat Tours the twenty two years it was in existence, and for those who will never get to ride it again. However, a tribute video has been made for the former iconic attraction, that recreates the madness and mayhem of a shark infested Amity Boat Tour Jaws Ride.

Filmed in HD, the video takes a cinematic approach, showing off the ride’s great special effects, the famous Jaws musical score and the enthusiasm of the Skipper’s acting. So for those of us that purchased our Universal tickets with the anticipation of experiencing Jaws at Universal Studios, don’t be disheartened, there are more than enough rides to get your adrenaline pumping and in the meantime, you can check out the Jaws Ride: The Movie on YouTube.