Tutto Italia Opens Today!

Tutto Italia Opens Today!
Get your serving of delicious Italian treats at Epcot's Tutto Italia today!
Today, the 1st May, Disney World reveals the refurbished Tutto Italia, and the new Tutto Gusto to Epcot's Via Napoli!

Tutto Italia, a favourite amongst Disney guests dining at Epcot, reveals its new look today. Those with their Disney tickets headed to the Italian restaurant today will find that the refurbishment leaves Tutto Italia more spacious and airy. For the summer, there’s a wonderful covered outdoor dining area, whilst inside offers large booths and banquettes. The restaurant will continue to serve up delicious Italian dishes that make Tutto Italia the ultimate culinary experience.

However, there’s a new addition to the restaurant, perfect for those that consider themselves wine connoisseurs more than foodies! Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar, located to the right of Tutto Italia, which can be accessed from inside the restaurant and from Epcot’s Via Napoli. Get your Disney tickets to enjoy a choice of more than two hundred fine Italian wines and a selection of Italian small plates to accompany your wine!

Buon appetito Regazzi!