Universal Celebrates 100 Years!

Universal Celebrates 100 Years!
Universal Celebrates its 100th Anniversary this 2012!
Universal will honour this immense triumph, one hundred years of engaging the world with universal entertainment, by commemorating throughout the entire duration of 2012...

The explosive entertainment company will celebrate its spectacular success by paying homage to its abounding film history and cultural heritage. Universal will call upon its vast and diverse film catalogue to inspire the celebration. The revelry will begin with the release of a restored version of To Kill a Mockingbird on Blu-ray - this Universal film also happens to be celebrating its 50th anniversary. Throughout the year Universal will restore and release many of its great and much loved classic on Blu-ray, including The Sting, Jaws and E.T.

The celebration will reach across the entire Universal spectrum, from home entertainment to film and a variety of Universal’s social media platforms. Of course Universal’s theme parks will not be overlooked. Those of us with Universal tickets attending this year will be treated to a specially themed entertainment experience that will take a nostalgic look at Universal’s legacy. Although details are yet to be announced, we have no doubt that the experience will be major.

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