BREAKING NEWS: Universal Parks Announce Nintendo Expansion

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BREAKING NEWS: Universal Parks Announce Nintendo Expansion
Power up for Universal Orlando Resort!
Three Universal Parks – Osaka, Hollywood and Orlando – have announced brand new Nintendo-themed areas will be built into their popular theme parks.

It was originally announced more than 18 months ago that Universal would be partnering with Nintendo to create a brand-new and immersive Nintendo-themed area, but we had little extra information to go on – not even being sure that the expansions would happen at their US parks!

Today Universal confirmed that the expansion would be reaching US soil, when Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto and Mark Woodbury from Universal’s Creative team released this exciting announcement video:



Can you imagine a more immersive and colourful world than a Nintendo-inspired theme park?! Universal describe it as a ‘an entire realm filled with iconic Nintendo excitement, gameplay, heroes and villains’ including fan favourites Super Mario and Pokemon! There will be gigantic piranha plants, questions boxes and Power Ups surrounding you as you wander round this totally immersive world.

Even the shops and restaurants in this new land will be on-theme but, don’t worry, as always there will be something for everyone to enjoy, gaming fan or not! So even if you’re new to this colourful and exciting world, you’ll soon catch the bug.

There is no official date for the opening of the new lands as yet, although construction is already underway to create them at the various parks. Keep checking our blog, for announcements when they come in.

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