‘Face Off’ With a Make-Up Tutorial Special This Halloween

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‘Face Off’ With a Make-Up Tutorial Special This Halloween
We're making sure you get your share of scares this Halloween - even if you're not headed to HHN24!
Inspired by the Face Off Scare Zone make-up creations and The Walking Dead House, both at Halloween Horror Nights 2014, Attraction Tickets Direct have compiled a zombie make up how to guide for you to try at home this Halloween!
If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Universal Studios this October, you might find yourself face-to-face with ten of the best horrific make up creations to feature on the hit TV series ‘Face Off’. In this show up-and-coming special effects make-up artists compete head-to-head to create fantastically scary creature designs. Universal’s own make-up artist, Laura Tyler, came out on top as the winner in the fifth series of the show. 
Zombie Sam
Zombie Sam
So you’re saving the pennies for your holiday to Orlando next year and obviously you don’t want to be spending too much money on your Halloween costume. Why not become one of the Walking Dead yourself, in three easy steps and all for under a tenner!
The Zombie-Creating Kit
The Zombie-Creating Kit
Not got the time or money to be messing about with liquid latex and spirit gum? No idea what either of those things are, anyway? Well, don’t worry. Above is the bare minimum for all you need to look like a zombie fresh from the set of The Walking Dead. To buy these things, just check out your nearest shop-what-sells-things-for-no-more-than-one-pound and you’re good to go!
Step One:  It’s All About That Base
Step One
Adding a tint of green (or blue) to white gives more of a realistic dead body discolouration than just a plain white face. Using the foundation brush means you won’t get streaks as you might with a sponge and it’s easy to apply a nice even base.
Remember: As you check out the other make up jobs at your Halloween do this year, check out how many people fail to make their new facial colouring match their ears, neck and other visible skin. It looks shabby and lazy and it’s easily taken care of. Don’t be that person – cover yourself up!
Step Two: Shading and Blending
Step Two
A common mistake people make is just lathering on black make up to darken the eye sockets. NO! You only need a darker mix of more green and less white and add the tiniest amount of black (a little goes a long way). Then build it up and blend the edges using a sponge wedge.
The Walking Dead zombies have cheek bones to rival Cher, but if you don’t have the money for a surgeon, you can get the effect of sharp cheekbones by drawing a darker green line from near the ear to halfway across the cheek and blend downwards. This gives the cheeks a sunken look, too.
Remember: Keep a skull-like shape of the light base colour around the dark sockets (look closely at the images of completed Zombie Sam and you’ll see). Reapply some using a paint brush if you need to, but remember to blend!
Step Three: Details
Step Three
1. Zombie lips are dried out, so shade them lightly with a little black. And if your zombie has been eating, it’s a nice effect to suggest different degrees of dried blood staining around the mouth. So do the first layer lightly with a little red. Then with a bit more on the brush, thickly add a fresher layer. Hold off with the fake blood until everything else is complete and until you’re wearing your zombie clothes.
2. Shade the eyes again a little darker this time, with more black mixed with the green. Concentrate on just under the eyebrows and inner sockets towards the nose (and blend!). Add some red underneath the eyes on the lower eyelid. Red near the eyes makes them look sore. It connotes illness and can make people queasy and uncomfortable. So for a zombie, it’s a good look. 
3. Blood-stained hands is also a nice touch, just use a little of the red paint (you can use food colouring for this, too, if you have some). Now is also the time to get the fake blood out. Put a few drops around the mouth and let them run down onto your top (avoid the carpet at all costs! Fake blood isn’t always easy to wash out). 
Remember: Zombies come in all shapes and sizes, so clothes-wise you can wear what you want. You can be a zombie cop, a zombie chef, a zombie business-person… anything! You’re only a relatively new zombie if you follow this guide, so you don’t have to totally wreck your clothes, either. But once the blood is on them they’re probably done for, so wear something you don’t plan on wearing again.
Now You’re Ready to Go Out and Scare!

Zombie Make Up Video



So that’s it. That’s all you need to make a zombie like our friend Zombie Sam. No prosthetics, no latex and no infectious bite needed. Now go forth and make zombies of your own this Halloween!

If you're celebrating the return of the dead with your Frequent Fear Pass at Halloween Horror Nights this year, although you won't be able to attend the event in your zombified state, we can promise you, you'll become acquainted with many scare walkers that look just like Sam!  

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Universal Orlando Resort Tickets , Universal Studios Florida , Universal Orlando , Universal Studios Florida , Halloween in Orlando , Halloween Horror Nights 2014 , Seasonal Events