Friday Theme Park Round Up - 12th April 2013!

Universal Orlando , Disneyland California , Celebrity Appearance , Universal's Mardi Gras
Friday Theme Park Round Up - 12th April 2013!
Catch up on this week's theme park news!
This week a highly respected British actor hangs out with Mickey Mouse, some long lost Disney friends hang out at Disneyland California and and another world famous recording artist performs at Universal Orlando's Mardi Gras festival this weekend!

Attraction Tickets Direct's theme park round up is here once again, which can only mean one thing, 'It's Friday!' Whether you're reading this post from the comfort of your Orlando hotel, are heading out to the Sunshine State this weekend for your theme park holiday or just want to stay on top of your favourite theme park's news - this news should find you well!

Anthony Hopkins Visits Mickey Mouse


We'll start off over at Disneyland California, where both installements of our Disney news comes from this week.  Firstly, a particularly exceptional British actor made a visit to the happiest place on earth earlier this week. Indeed, it's Brits very own Sir Anthony Hopkins posing with Mickey Mouse outside Disneyland California's Sleeping Beauty Castle. Considered the greatest living actor, with a countless number of awards under his belt, Anthony Hopkins next film in line to come to cinemas is Disney's Thor sequel, Thor: The Dark World, in which Hopkins plays Odin.  You can catch Anthony Hopkins in Thor: The Dark World at cinemas from the 8th November 2013!

Long Lost Disney Friends at Disneyland California


Some long lost but still loved Disney friends made an appearance at Disneyland California this week, giving theme park guests a rare and nostalgic character meet and greet oportunity.  You may remember the same Long Lost Disney Friends Limited Time Magic being held at Disney World earlier on this year, however Disneyland welcomes a new bunch of Long Lost Friends. We were particularly delighted to see Hunch Back of Notre Dame's Claude Frollo, not because we particularly like this Disney villain, but because it's not often that we see many references to Walt Disney's Hunch Back of Notre Dame around the parks. Check out the video to see all the characters that graced Disneyland with their presence for this Long Lost Disney Friends Limited Time Magic this week!

Pitbull Performs at Universal Orlando's Mardi Gras

It's just two more weeks left of Universal Orlando's Mardi Gras fest and no doubt the party animals amongst you will be sad to see the beats, the beads and the bands that bring New Orleans' Big Easy style to Orlando every year come to an end. But, there's no need to worry,  Universal isn't going out without a bang. This weekend sees Miami Florida born rapper Pitbull head up to Orlando to take the stage and wow the crowds with his Latin vibes and we have absolutely no doubt that next week will get even better!

If you're planning a theme park holiday to Orlando or California, make sure you stay up to date with all the theme park news on the Attraction Tickets Direct'Latest News page and check out our range of theme park attraction tickets! 

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Universal Orlando , Disneyland California , Celebrity Appearance , Universal's Mardi Gras

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