Universal's Halloween Horror Nights is Almost Here!

Universal's Halloween Horror Nights is Almost Here!
Halloween Horror Nights begins tomorrow!
Universal Orlando sends out a heads up to remind you that Halloween Horror Nights is almost here!

It's the 19th September, which means that Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2013 is just a day away! And to make sure the world got the word that Orlando's most horrific Halloween party was soon to be upon us, Universal sent out a heads up to the media, inviting them to the opening night of Halloween Horror Nights.

Of course, you think you'd be thrilled to receive an invitation to one of the world's biggest Halloween parties from the fearmakers themselves. However, those accustomed to receiving personal invitations to Universal's annual Halloween Horror Nights will know that the invitation is just as deadly as Halloween Horror Nights itself. 

And this year's invitaton is no different! Universal sent a mangled severed head, apparently of a squishy and flesh like texture, with a USB stick inserted into an eye socket, arriving to its receipient encased in a padlocked wooden box.  The USB stick contained previews of the haunted houses that will line the streets of Universal Studios Orlando, giving recipients a slight insight into the Root That Has Taken Evil. 






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