We’re R-EEL-LY Excited for SeaWorld San Diego’s New Roller Coaster!

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We’re R-EEL-LY Excited for SeaWorld San Diego’s New Roller Coaster!
Something very exciting is emerging at SeaWorld San Diego’s amazing park!
We can’t wait for the brand new coaster opening at SeaWorld San Diego. Find out more about this exciting new expansion right here…

SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment announced this week that a brand new exciting thrill coaster will be joining the ranks of SeaWorld San Diego’s existing roller coasters and rides. The new ride will be coming to the park in 2018 and promises to be both the tallest and the fastest roller coaster at SeaWorld San Diego. Perfect for thrill seekers, the new roller coaster will reach epic speeds of nearly 60mph – guaranteed to give all rides a huge adrenaline rush!


Seaworld San Diego


The new ride will be called ‘Electric Eel’ and will give riders the opportunity to feel what it would be like to move like an eel – with plenty of twists, turns and flips thrown in to give that authentic eel-like sensation.  The track will be a whopping 900-feet long and feature a number of boosts, drops and flips to keep your heart racing, including a 100ft near-vertical climb, an inverted ‘heartline roll’ (a 3-60 degree roll which is guaranteed to leave you stomach in your mouth) and lots of amazing air time moment.

This exhilarating attraction will be accompanied by another brand new development – the chance to learn more about these weird and wonderful creatures and how they live in the wild. State-of-the-art technology will let us know more about their unique predatory methods, senses and even their diet. This allows guests to understand how they can help to protect these creatures and conserve their habitat.


SeaWorld San Diego


The brand new coaster will be part of the new Ocean Explorer expansion at the park, where one new ride has already been announced. There will also be plenty of opportunities to see and learn more about the fascinating creatures that live in our oceans, besides lots of new fun and exciting attractions.

Planning a visit to California? Don’t miss out on the amazing SeaWorld San Diego! To book tickets, click here.

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