Why You Need to Go on a Culinary Travel Experience

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Food is like a universal language. It differs from one country to another but what we all have in common is the love for tasty meals.

Do you have a passion for delicious food and interesting recipes?

If so, then just imagine all the distant places you haven’t visited and the abundance of flavours you haven’t discovered yet?

Travelling is super fun but instead of booking yet another boring vacation why not book a cooking holiday?

Culinary travels will show you what different parts of the world have to offer when it comes to cuisine and will enable you to experience new and exciting flavours.

Not to mention that you can learn a lot of useful things while tasting the local food and discovering the beauty of your new travel destination.

But there are many more reasons why you should embark on a culinary journey and in this article, we will mention just a few of them.

Combines Two Passions

If you love travelling and you love food, then what’s better than combining the two passions?

Culinary travellers get to see new places and experience the culture in a unique way.

And let’s be honest, discovering a culture is impossible without tasting authentic local food. You actually get to discover the area through food which is priceless.

You get to taste the traditional local food, you get to learn more about the gastronomy of a place and its history, and by doing that you learn about the culture too.

Combine Work and Pleasure

Work and pleasure can be combined and this is another reason why should go on a cooking holiday. Culinary travels are unavoidable if you’re a food photographer.

Not only do you get to taste the incredible diverse local food from different parts of the world but you also get to take beautiful photos that readers will admire on your blog later on.

You will meet a culture through its authentic food and, through your photography, you will then be able to tell a wonderful story about the place.

Meet People Who Share Your Interests

Wouldn’t you like to meet more like-minded people who share your interests and views when it comes to food, travel etc?

Someone to share your thoughts with regarding new delicious recipes and exchange opinions. Culinary travels are an excellent opportunity for that.

You can meet locals and other travellers and exchange food secrets and recipes, discuss the best wines from different regions etc.

Anyway, you are bound to meet plenty of people on your trip. Regardless of your background and the fact you speak different languages, what brings you all together is the passion for food.

Learn to Prepare New Dishes

Every food aficionado will try to learn more about the origin of a recipe when they taste an authentic dish.

They are curious to learn about the ingredients as well as the story behind it. And most of all, every culinary traveller will attempt to make the same dish when they get back home.

If you are bored with your same old menu at home and you’re looking to broaden your horizons and cook something different, culinary travels are the answer.

They open a new door with countless possibilities when it comes to tasty meals and unusual flavour combos.

You will learn how to cook authentic dishes and get valuable tips from the locals. The final result, the dish you prepare, is like a souvenir that you can eat. It represents a combination of everything you’ve learned on the trip.

A Whole New Array of Flavors

When you travel to a new place, be prepared to forget any rules that apply to cooking and flavour combinations.

You will undoubtedly taste things you’ve never tasted before and you will likely be astonished by the different flavours mixed in one dish.

What you may consider an unthinkable flavour combo back in your home country could be an essential part of a traditional local dish in the area you are visiting.

Your palate will experience different flavours every day during your trip and this will undeniably help you broaden your horizons and implement some changes in your cooking style.

Downsides of Culinary Travels

Culinary tourism is doubtlessly becoming increasingly popular and is growing year after year. While it does bring numerous benefits, culinary tourism might not be for everyone. One of the downsides (if we may call it that) of culinary travels is that you might not enjoy the food is you’re not used to different flavours.

A piece of advice for all those who are in doubt, if you think you won’t like the food, perhaps you should postpone your culinary vacation.

A word of caution, there is a possibility that you might get sick after eating food that you are not used to.

Another not so great thing about culinary tourism is that it can be quite costly and, therefore, not affordable to everyone.

Tasting all the different local food both on the streets as well as in their famous restaurants requires a decent budget at least.

So unless you’ve planned your budget well, you might get disappointed because the exorbitant prices of some restaurants have prevented you from experiencing something amazing.

Speaking of downsides, tourists might experience difficulties conversing with the locals due to language barriers.

While English has become a widely spoken language around the world, there are still places where residents don’t speak even a little bit of your language.

This might cause some difficulties during your stay so be prepared for that if you are thinking of booking a culinary journey anytime soon.


We believe culinary travels are true adventures because you never know what awaits you and what tasty dishes and interesting tales you may discover.

If you haven’t decided on a culinary journey yet, we suggest you consider all the aforementioned reasons we listed in this article. We would also advise you to take into consideration the cons of culinary travels as well before making your decision.

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