Why You Should Dare Visit Thorpe Park Fright Nights This Halloween

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Dare you take on the live-action mazes, terrifying escape rooms and creepy characters at Thorpe Park Fright Nights? Find out what to expect here!

Can you handle Britain’s most premier Halloween event?

Every year, Thorpe Park is transformed into a frightful horrorland full of exhilarating thrills and terrifying chills! If you’re a fan of all things scary, you won’t want to miss out on this spine-tingling series of Halloween events taking place at the popular UK theme park.

Here’s a run down of what to expect if you dare visit Thorpe Park Fright Nights this spooky season:

New for 2018 – Blair Witch

There’s something evil lurking in the woods at Thorpe Park…and it’s scarier than ever before. Venture deep into the creepy wilderness of Black Hills Forest and fight against the elements as you take on the evil hiding in the darkness.

You’ll follow long-forgotten paths as you hunt for the Blair Witch, who has caused a number of strange occurrences in a deserted, disused area at the back of Thorpe Park.

Remember, never spend the night, never look her in the eyes and don’t turn away from the corner!

New for 2018 – Vulcan Peak

This sinister attraction is brand new for 2018 and promises spooky scares and frights at every turn.

Rely on your wits and primal instincts as you’re marched through the darkest depths of the jungle to the ominous sound of ritualistic chanting and drumming, under the eerie Harvest Moon.

Will you survive the mercy of the jungle gods, or will you be sacrificed to the fires of Jungle Peak?

thorpe park night rides

The Walking Dead: Do or Die!

This live-action outdoor maze is not for the faint-hearted! Watch your back as you make your way through the compound to reach the safety of Sanctum.

You’ll meet local residents along the way, but you won’t be able to make the trip without help.

There is an unexplored trailer en route that might have the supplies you need, but be careful – you never know who – or what – is hiding in the dark.

Can you get food before you become food?

The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare

This is the attraction where your scariest nightmares become a gruesome reality!

Along with other survivors, you’ll find yourself at the mercy of the infamous Saviours as you experience iconic scenes from the world’s most talked-about horror franchise.

Decide your own fate by choosing the path you take – can you escape the terrifying clutches of Negan and the Saviours, or has your destiny been sealed?

Fanta’s Twisted Carnival

Roll up, roll up! Experience a carnival like no other, with frights and thrills around every corner.

Meet the mysterious master of ceremonies, who runs this chilling, travelling Halloween show, and marvel at his collection of shocks and scares.

But whatever you do, don’t peek behind the curtain, unless you think you’re prepared for the terrifying surprises that await you there!

thorpe park halloween


Face your fears in this epic timed escape game.

You and nine others will be locked inside 4 terrifying haunt rooms, each one inspired by some of the UK’s most hair-raising nightmares.

To make it out, you must break the code and find the antidote to a deadly spreading disease.

Find the code before the time runs out to escape an eternity of horror…

The Big Top: Showtime

It’s showtime!

Experience the sinister glow of the Dome’s bright lights as the twisted cast of The Big Top Circus spread their carnival of mayhem and mystery.

This is no ordinary circus – enter at your own risk.

Platform 15

This chilling live-action scare maze is one of Thorpe Park’s creepiest Fright Nights attractions.

Make your way along the overgrown railway line that was the last known-route of the Sleeper Express, which notoriously vanished and was never found.

During this spooky trek along the tracks, you’ll need to be careful not to disturb the haunted souls that once road the infamous locomotive, lest you experience the same mysterious fate as them.

Can you outrun what awaits you at the end of the line, or will your journey end at platform 15

The Big Top Showtime thopre park theme park

Saw: Alive

Do want to play a game?

Experience the most extreme live-action maze yet!

This twisted attraction comes from the same warped minds that gave us the terrifying SAW rollercoaster, and is packed with more evil than ever before!

You’ll face Jigsaw and play along with his sadistic games as you make your way through this amazing, themed multi-roomed maze.

Each of the rooms is based on an iconic scene from the gruesome SAW films, and you’ll get the chance to escape from some of the franchise’s most terrible traps.

Let the games begin!

Dead Creek Woods

This year, Dead Creek Woods have taken an unexpectedly apocalyptic turn.

The woods were once a popular tourist spot steeped in natural beauty and vitality, but are now decaying and famous for less-than-pleasant reasons.

A virus took hold of the woods and the haunted souls of those who didn’t evacuate in time are now stuck in quarantine forever.

Can you make your way through this contaminated woodland and get to the other side without getting infected?

Saw thorpe park

Screamplexx Cinema

It’s not Halloween without a scary movie marathon! Take a break from the thrills and kick back at Thorpe Park’s 4D cinema, Screamplexx.

Grab the popcorn and settle into your seat to enjoy series of frightening short films, but don’t get too comfy – there’s bound to be a few chilling surprises waiting for when you least expect them!

Terror at Amity High

This year heralds Big Bob’s Homecoming Bash, where the teens of Amity Cove are partying behind the old Speedway.

Of course, these aren’t your average high school students; they’re looking for fresh blood to join their gang – one bite on the neck and you could be part of their undead army!

All you need to do is stay calm and try to blend in. Will you make it out alive?

Think you can handle the scarefest?

Book your Thorpe Park tickets now to celebrate Halloween in the creepiest way possible!

Terror at Amity High thorpe park
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