Meet Lilo and Stitch at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon!
Enjoy the taste of the Caribbean and meet some Disney islanders!
Hang out with Lilo and Stitch and enjoy the tropical island vibe complete with Caribbean food at Disney World's water park Typhoon Lagoon!

If you're headed to Disney World's Typhoon Lagoon this summer you're in for a nice treat. Typhoon Lagoon has invited you to enjoy some inland fun, so once you're done exploring the lagoon and are all swam out, be sure to head to the High n Dry shop to meet Walt Disney Animation characters Lilo and Stitch, who'll be hanging out here waiting to make your acquaintance. If swimming generally tends to work up your appetite, you'll be glad to know that Typhoon Lagoon will be serving up some tasty dishes, inspired by Carribean cuisine at Tropicalamity. 

You'll be able to meet Lilo and Stitch and enjoy the flavours of the Caribbean till the 8th September! If you manage to make it to Disney's Typhoon Lagoon before the 15th July you'll also be able to enjoy the sweet sounds of the steel pan band Calypso Band Tropicals, truly making you feel as though you've landed in paradise!