Big Fat Orlando Quiz of the Year 2018!

Big Fat Orlando Quiz of the Year 2018! well do you know Orlando really?
Every year we look back at the biggest news items from the year and relive some of the best moments...

Take our quiz to find out if you're an Orlando know-it-all, or if you need to plan another visit ASAP! 



1 - 4 points

Oh dear! Looks like someone's well overdue for a visit to Orlando! With all these exciting new attractions, shows and seasonal events to explore, you know you'll have an amazing time. 

5 - 9 points

Good try, but looks like there's definitely some gaps in your knowledge and some new things for you to try out on your next visit. With new things openeing every year, it's hard to keep up! 

10 - 14 points

Orlando expert over here! If we ever need someone for Orlando trivia we know who to call. 

15 points

You know Orlando so well you should probably come work here! 

Share your results on Facebook and challenge your friends to play along too. Tag us at @Attraction Tickets Direct. 


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